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    Autoblog Podcast #402 goes LIVE at 10PM Eastern!
    Audi A3 TDI Road Trip, Luxury Car Features We Love 1413855000

    We're almost ready to record Episode #402 of the Autoblog Podcast! You can check out the topics below, add your own to the Q&A and join us live via UStream, as well. Keep reading for our embedded UStream player, and thanks for listening! Discussion Topics for Autoblog Podcast Episode ...

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    Report: Mercedes fights off late BMW surge to claim 2013 luxury sales crown

    The king is dead - long live the king. Mercedes-Benz is now your new US sales champion in the fiercely competitive luxury market, deposing the champ BMW, which has enjoyed annual supremacy for the past two years. Thanks in no small part to the dynamite launch of the new, affordable CLA-Class, ...

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    Report: X1, 3 Series power BMW back into global luxury autos sales lead

    BMW managed to eke ahead of Audi for the global luxury sales crown in February. According to Bloomberg, BMW saw deliveries swell by 7 percent in February, besting the 3.2 percent jump enjoyed by Audi and giving BMW a 407-unit delivery lead over its rival last month. Mercedes-Benz, meanwhile, ...

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    Reader Spy: Hyundai Equus takes to U.S. streets

    2009 Hyundai Equus - Click above for a high-res gallery
    This is the new Hyundai Equus in the steel and on U.S. roads, courtesy of Autoblog reader Alex. Depending on dealer reaction to the car, Hyundai could-maybe-possibly-might bring it to America. If so, we would then find out if Hyundai could do ...

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    The rich are affected: Luxury car sales declining

    Luxury car sales are off by at least one-third compared to last year's numbers, and the end is probably not in sight. In past recessions, the wealthy have been insulated by their money, but not this time. Real estate and banking are responsible for a large amount of the financial pickle we're in, ...

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    New York considering 5% luxury tax on expensive cars

    New York Governor David Paterson needs to close a $15.4-billion budget deficit, and has proposed 88 new fees and taxes to do it. One of them is aimed at New York car buyers: a 5% tax on all cars sold for $60,000 or more. Notice the phrasing "sold for," not "MSRP of". That means if you add $8,001 in ...

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    Rendered Speculation: Kia's big VG

    So the Kia VG mule that has kept spy photographers busy the last few weeks has now been given a computer animated face and body. It's a nice looking ride, though has a surprising amount in common with the Hyundai Genesis... which means we also see, well, a lot of other cars in it. But that's not a ...

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    Dubious pioneer: Russia's first stolen Maybach

    Picture this, you're stuffing your face full of gourmet food, giving your gullet a real workout, and you look up from your plate just in time to see your Maybach speed by. That last bite sticks in your throat, refusing to budge. Whoever absconded with your über-uglified super S-Class boots ...

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    Bentley Brooklands sells out

    Click the image above to view our 47-image Brooklands galleryIf you have at least $330,000 to spend on your next new car, and you've got an eye on the new Bentley Brooklands, you'd better get your order in before they're all gone. The first 140 are already spoken for, which equates to the first ...

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    Lutz: Camaro could spawn big Caddy

    The Car Connection spoke to GM vice chairman Bob Lutz at the Chicago Auto Show who told them a bigger, badder Cadillac built on the new Camaro chassis could be in the works. Lutz said the reason Camaro's expected on-sale date was delayed was so that the platform could be better integrated with ...

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    World's First: Lexus LS460 gets loose

    click on image to enlargeUpon perusing our October 2006 issue of Motor Trend, we ran across the mag's review of the new 2007 Lexus LS460 and a pair of pictures caught our eye. Before us on the printed page was a bright silver LS sedan doing a burnout and... (gulp) drifting! The Japanese luxury ...

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    Spy Shot: 2008 Hyundai Equus

    Before Hyundai brings its first V8 RWD luxury vehicle to market next year we hope the name changes. Equus? Why would you name a car after a genus of the family Equidae that comprises horses, asses and zebras? Regardless, The Car Connection reports the car's interior will live up to luxury car ...

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    Lexus ES350 priced to move at $33k

    Toyota’s luxury division Lexus has announced that the all-new 2007 ES350 will arrive in showrooms with a base price of $33,170. A few Lexus shoppers probably already know this as the car went on sale April 21st. Having been excused from any sporting pretentions by the brand’s IS sedans, ...


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