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    LusoMotors LM23 rolling prototype ready for its closeup

    Click image for huge high-res gallery of the LusoMotors LM 23
    Last July, we told you about the latest rolling homage introduced by Portuguese car design and development house LusoMotors. While our previous post featured a gallery of naked chassis and finished product renderings, we now have pics ...

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    Build Me! Portugal's LusoMotors GT looking for manufacturer

    Click to view the LusoMotors LM GT in our hi-res gallery Of all the European countries with established automotive industries, Portugal might not spring to mind first. But that's something that designer Ernesto Freitas is trying to overcome. His company LusoMotors has been behind such projects as ...

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    LusoMotors LM23: 150hp, Honda CBR-powered track car

    Click above for more shots of the LusoMotors LM23Track cars powered by motorcycle engines are becoming increasingly popular as the superbike mills, usually mounted amidships, provide tons of power for their small displacement and low weight. Further evidence of this truth is seen in the LusoMotors ...

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    LusoMotors Voisin Concept

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the LusoMotors Voisin concept.Unless you've got your automotive history books close at hand (or a Wikipedia bookmark), the name Avions Voisin won't spring to mind. The French bespoke automaker was established in 1919 and rivaled the likes of Bentley and Bugatti ...


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