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lunar rover

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    ETC: NASA invites students to design future Moonbuggy prototypes [w/video]

    There are a lot of awards handed out at the Great Moonbuggy Race, from 'Most Improved' to 'Crash and Burn,' but the one every team wants is the first-place trophy. This year was the 20th year of the annual event, held at the US Space & Rocket Center under the auspices of NASA, Lockheed ...

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    Official: Goodyear develops new 'Spring Tire' for space exploration

    Goodyear is getting closer to the next generation "tire" that could be used on wheeled rovers for space exploration. We highlight the word tire because those on the original lunar rover were made of piano wire with treads made of titanium cleats – no rubber, no air. A few years ago NASA ...

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    Researchers make tires from chainmail filled with tiny metal bits

    Apparently, driving on the moon – with or without local human assistance – isn't all that easy. We wouldn't know. Anyway, researchers from McGill University believe they have a new invention that might make traversing the lunar surface a bit more possible, using tires fashioned from a ...

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    New NASA Lunar Rover looks ready for Armageddon

    Click above for high-res image gallery of the NASA Lunar Rover concept
    NASA paraded its Small Pressurized Rover Concept down the streets of the presidential inauguration last week, and it looks like they're fans of Michael Bay. The lunar rover, which is a rear canopy and a couple of struts away ...

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    Original lunar rover tire helps with next gen development

    Click above for image gallery of lunar rovers in action.
    About the time Ford was developing the first Mustang, General Motors' Defense Research Labs was working on something more other-worldly. Man was about to go to the moon, and they needed some transportation when they got there. GM was chosen ...

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    Off-world off-roading: NASA tests new lunar rover

    Click above for a gallery of the Small Pressurized Rover
    This week in Arizona, NASA conducted tests of the new battery-powered Small Pressurized Rover (SPR) it hopes to use when the U.S. sends astronauts back to the moon by 2020. The SPR is a huge leap forward over the original open-air (or is it ...


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