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    Video: Ludacris discusses Fast and Furious 7 and his 1993 Acura Legend

    It's easy to think of most wealthy celebrities as egotistical, materialistic individuals who own a Ferrari for every day of the week. The reality, though, is often much less severe. See, they can get attached to things, like cars, just like normal folks. Take Alfred Morris, for example. A ...

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    Fast Five movie poster looks Furious

    Bound to be faster and more furious than ever before, the fifth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise is set to open in a theater near you on April 29, 2011. Once again starring Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris, but with the addition of Dwayne "The ...

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    Ludacris gives away 20 used cars and free gas to struggling contest winners

    If you're like us, when you think Ludacris, you think bad acting (Darius Parker on Law and Order SVU) and fantastic rapping. Fo' rizzle, Area Codes needs a special recognition Grammy. It's that brilliant. However, when you think Ludacris, you don't think "philanthropist." But you should. Not only ...

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    SPY REPORT: Inside Scion's big Miami Beach product reveal

    This weekend, Scion flew 328 owners to Miami Beach, which served as the backdrop for an invitation-only reveal of the replacement for the xA and the brand-new xB. The event happened Friday night at the Miami Beach Convention Center (if you go to the CC's website, you'll see that 12/15 was booked ...

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    Dwayne Wade crowned "King of Bling" at GM All-Car Showdown

    Shaquille O'Neal was on hand at the 3rd Annual GM All-Car Showdown in L.A. to present his Miami Heat teammate Dwayne Wade with the title of "King of Bling" for his 2006 HUMMER H2 SUT. Twelve celebrities comprised of athletes and actors showed off their respective GM ware that ranged from Cedric the ...

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    Pimp my automaker? Urban marketing picks up speed in Detroit

    In the ongoing battle for street cred among younger buyers, Detroit continues to turn to its gritty urban landscapes for marketing inspiration. DaimlerChrysler's connection with the hip-hop world has been well-documented, resulting in everything from Snoop Dogg swingin' clubs with Lee Iacocca to ...


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