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    Opinion: Propane provides stunning fuel savings
    Provided You Buy Vehicles In Bulk 1385230200

    Commercial truck and bus fleets in the United States are becoming keenly interested in running their vehicles on liquid propane (LPG), as this column reported back in March. That's because propane prices are substantially below those for gasoline or diesel, or even for compressed natural gas (CNG). ...

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    Opinion: US truck fleets turning towards CNG, LPG

    Fleets can save well over $150,000 in fuel costs over the six-year life of a truck. The electric vehicle market is turning into a financial nightmare for many of the automakers and suppliers that invested in the technology. Hybrids only comprise three percent of total new car sales, despite ...

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    Geneva 2011: 2012 Kia Picanto brings A-game to the A-segment

    2012 Kia Picanto – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Originally launched back in 2004, the Kia Picanto has gone through twoface lifts before arriving in its all-new form here on the Geneva Motor Show stage. The redesigned A-segment hatchback features the modern design language shared ...

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    Fiat's Marchionne wants to add CNG- and LPG-powered vehicles to Chrysler's lineup

    2011 Alfa Romeo Giulietta – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Fiat has the highly regarded Multijet diesel engine among its offerings, and Volkswagen has been spending massive amounts of moolah to soften American hearts toward diesels. Yet in spite of those two factoids, at a recent ...

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    GeigerCars turns tuning efforts to... Chevy Tahoe Hybrid?

    Geiger Cars LPG Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We're used to seeing Geiger Cars tackle wild horsepower-riddled projects, but the tuner's latest effort involves none other than the Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid. No, the company hasn't managed to bleed 1,000 ...

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    ROUSH unveils liquid propane-powered Ford F-250

    LPG has come to the masses massive, with ROUSH introducing a conversion for the Ford F-250. The changes are minimal: fuel tank and pump, stainless steel fuel lines, aluminum fuel rails and PCM calibration. They'll mean cheaper running costs but no loss of horsepower, torque or towing capacity. ...

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    Autogas Chevrolet Matiz Concept = LPG for the masses

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the fahgmitgas Matiz LPG Concept
    Thanks to a company called fahrmitgas ("go with gas", get it?), our European readers will soon be able to cut their fuel costs to the low, low price of €3 (about $4.20 USD) for every 100 km of driving. Of course, they'll ...

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    First Drive: 2008 Ford Focus ST (Euro-spec)

    Click above for high-res gallery of the 2008 Ford Focus ST
    Save the hot hatch for last. That's what we kept telling ourselves as we wandered the Belgian countryside looking for Ford's Lommel Proving Ground. As it turns out, the facility, located next to an air force base – restricted ...

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    Frankurt 2007: AC Schnitzer has gas, runs with it in GP3.10

    Click the image above for a host of high-res pics of the AC Schnitzer GP3.10For over two decades, AC Schnitzer has built its brand on motoring madness with looks to match. Normally, this involves a bevy of modifications to enhance every performance-related aspect of the vehicle, but with the ...

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    Frankfurt Preview: AC Schnitzer GP3.10 Concept

    Click image for hi-res gallery var digg_url = ''; One of AC Schnitzer's Frankfurt debuts mixes very high performance with a little bit of a greenish tint. Behold the GP3.10, a 3-Series coupe that has ...

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    Craigslist Find of the Day: Propane-powered '86 Suzuki Samurai

    Click image to enlargeIt's coated in new flat black paint, has a set of driving lights mounted to the fenders, is lifted two inches, and has removable doors. It also has a range of 290 miles per tank of fuel, and a full tank only runs the owner twelve bucks and change. That's because this '86 ...

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    Hyundai's first consumer hybrid destined for Korea in '09

    Hyundai's initial foray into the consumer hybrid marketplace won't take place here in the US, nor will it use the gasoline/electric config that's become synonymous with the term, from a consumer's standpoint. Hyundai will introduce the car, a version of the Avante (Elantra here) in Korea sometime ...

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    Holden's dual-fuel (LPG/gasoline) V6 engine option

    Holden's dual-fuel V6 is being offered in the new VE-series Omega, Berlina and select Commodores. The 3.6L Alloytec powerplant can switch seamlessly between LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and gasoline without any serious difference in power. Furthermore, the setup is said to offer an operating range ...


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