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lower saxony

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    Report: Ford, Renault, VW shareholder oppose French aid for PSA/Peugeot-Citroën

    Pots and kettles, glass houses and stones – that's a little of what we appear to have going on in the European car market. New reports say that that three European automakers have registered their opposition to a loan deal that PSA/Peugeot-Citroën is working on with the French ...

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    Report: Germany in court again over "VW Law," could face fines of nearly $375,000/day

    We haven't heard about the Volkswagen Law in a while, but that doesn't mean the EU Commission has forgotten about it. The law gives the state of Lower Saxony, with a 20.1-percent stake in VW, veto rights on a takeover deal, which means no one's ever going to take over VW because its home state ...

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    REPORT: Volkswagen confirms Karmann purchase, plans to build new car at factory in 2011

    Volkswagen AG has announced it will be establishing a new manufacturing unit in Osnabrueck, located in VW's home state of Lower Saxony, Germany. Interestingly enough, VW will be purchasing the land, equipment, and machinery formerly owned by Karmann -- the coachbuilder and convertible roof ...

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    Porsche-VW merger could take on new investors

    Volkswagen's second-largest shareholder, the German state of Lower Saxony, has the final say on the proposed Porsche-Volkswagen merger, and according to a spokesperson for the state's prime minister, Christian Wulff, the new company birthed from the union should be open to outside ...

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    Porsche's takeover of VW facing delays?

    With present economic conditions shrinking Porsche's available cash, the automaker may have to adjust or delay its plans to gain full control of Volkswagen. In January, Porsche raised its stake in Volkswagen to 50.76% gaining a majority stake. The Stuttgart-based automaker wants to purchase more of ...

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    Porsche plans to take absolute control of VW November 26

    For a few years there at large profile gatherings in America – especially sporting events – people wielding signs that referenced the Bible passage "John 3:16" and said things like "Be prepared" and "The end is nigh" were a common sight. We wouldn't be surprised if signs began showing ...

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    VW and Porsche can't get along, risk future tech and product plans

    In the land of mergers and acquisitions, there are takeovers, there are hostile takeovers, and then there are I'm Gonna Git You Sucka No Matter What takeovers. Porsche's increasingly acrimonious battle to swallow VW is becoming that third option, and the brawl might threaten the short term plans of ...

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    VW, Porsche talks stumbling over labor issues?

    Porsche wants to purchase Volkswagen, this much we know. But before that happens, the huge labor union at VW needs to agree on terms with Porsche management. This, as you may imagine, is proving a bit more difficult than Porsche had hoped, prompting the automaker's senior labor leader Uwe Hueck to ...

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    EU grants Porsche permission to purchase VW

    Porsche is one step closer to its goal of purchasing Volkswagen. Back in April of last year, the German automaker passed the 30-percent mark, forcing it to make an outright offer for The Volkswagen Group in its entirety, which it did. Not too many VW shareholders sold their stake to Porsche, as the ...

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    Porsche gobbles up more of VW while takeover is delayed

    A procedural glitch, as opposed to Berlin-based intrigue, has postponed Porsche's plan to take over Volkswagen. The EU Commission requires a company to have a controlling interest in a company, or at least an agreement for such, before it will consider a company's application for regulatory ...

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    European Union taking Germany to court over amended VW Law

    In a move that may undermine Germany's protection of Lower Saxony and its close ties to Volkswagen, the European Commission plans to review the case of Volkswagen Law in the European Union's top court. As you may recall, Porsche has been trying to take majority control of rival Volkswagen. However, ...

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    Germany approves new Volkswagen Law

    Porsche didn't win... this round. The German cabinet approved amendments to the Volkswagen Law yesterday, but lawmakers left Porsche's key clause untouched. For those of you who haven't been following this saga, "Volkswagen Law" is the legislation that includes a provision to allow the federal ...

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    The Volkswagen Law returns

    The Volkswagen Law is doing its best impression of Lazarus -- or perhaps a better analogy would be whack-a-mole. The European Court and minority VW shareholder Porsche keep trying to kill it, but it keeps popping up. Now the German government has agreed on an altered VW law -- but one that still ...

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    Wolfgang Porsche joins VW board

    Porsche has been in the news quite a bit over the past few weeks. While one hand is embroiled in an emissions tax battle with the Mayor of London, the other hand is slowly scooping up shares of Volkswagen.In related news, Porsche Chairman Wolfgang Porsche was nominated today to the Volkswagen ...

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    Porsche denies plan to raise stake in VW to 75%

    After Porsche moved to increase its ownership in Volkswagen to 51 percent last week, an overzealous German magazine took it one step further over the weekend by reporting that Porsche was going for an even larger piece of the pie... a whopping 75 percent. Porsche pulled in the reigns and quickly ...

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    Porsche stake in VW unlikely to change soon; a new "VW law" could return

    The so-called "VW law" was struck down by the European Court last October. Previous to that, the state of Lower Saxony was able to veto any Volkswagen shareholder action it didn't like. When the law was struck down it looked like the Lower Saxony had no choice but to watch Porsche, which had been ...

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    All reports point to Porsche gobbling up majority stake in VW

    The ongoing saga, "As the VW Takeover Turns" received a new update via Germany's Der Spiegel news mag (think Time, Newsweek, etc.), where a report revealed that Porsche is aiming to raise its stake in Volkswagen to 51-percent. The Deutsch weekly cited unnamed stock market sources that claim ...


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