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8Wave 2014 sets new record, gathers 507 EVs in one place

Take that, everyone else who's tried to gather the most electric vehicles in one place at one time. The 2014 edition of the World Advanced Vehicle Expedition (WAVE) has set a new world record with 507 EVs in one parking lot in Stuttgart, Germany over the weekend. The tally has been certified by Guinness World Records, so Montreal will have to try harder.

Add"Solartaxi" DVD about sun-powered circumnavigation now available

Think of it as the "Endless Summer" for the green set.

AddZero Emission Race plans to go around the world in 80 days

It's been less than a year since Louis Palmer ended his 17-month circumnavigation of the planet in his solar-powered "taxi" and it seems the experience has inspired him to organize something bigger and better. The Swiss teacher is putting together a zero emissions race around the world that will, not unlike the fictional Phileas Fogg, attempt to make the trip in eighty days. While that is 470 days faster than Palmer's original journey, the competitive version will be taking a more direct 30,000

AddSolar Taxi arrives at UN Climate conference after 17 months on the road

Swiss teacher Louis Palmer is nearing the completion of his round-the-world trip in a solar-powered vehicle. Palmer arrived at the UN Climate Change conference in Poznan, Poland last week in his solar taxi. The two-seat trike has completed 32,365 miles over the 17-month trek, running mostly on solar energy collected through a trailer covered in photovoltaic cells. Unfortunately, clouds limit the amount of energy that can be collected from the sun at times, so Palmer has had to plug in the taxi n

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