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lotus engineering

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    Official: Lotus to receive $16M government grant

    Troubled British automaker Lotus is getting a second infusion of cash following a 100-million-pound ($161.5-million) investment by its parent company DRB-Hicom that was made in August. The substantially smaller investment, a mere 10 million pounds ($16.2 million), comes from the British ...

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    Official: Lotus enlisted to regulate BTCC engine performance

    Of the many motorsport disciplines in which Lotus is competing these days and will be in the near future, the British Touring Car Championship isn't one of them. And of all the manufacturers taking part in the BTCC, Lotus isn't among them. Which could be why race organizers have solicited the ...

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    Lotus and Fagor Ederlan Group to produce range-extender engine

    Lotus Evora 414E Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Lotus Engineering has reached an agreement with the Spanish Fagor Ederlan Group to develop and produce a small engine for use as a range extender in electric vehicles – a system similar to that found in the Chevrolet ...

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    Lotus vehicle engineering director Roger Becker retires after 44 years

    If you have ever ridden in or driven any Lotus product produced in the last four decades, you have experienced the handiwork of Roger Becker. Becker has been the director of vehicle engineering at Lotus for more than two decades and has one of the most finely calibrated backsides in the business. ...

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    Lotus announces Dr Robert Hentschel and Paul Newsome as engineering directors

    Robert Hentschel (L) and Paul Newsome (R)
    While most people know Lotus for its sportscars, engineering has always been at the heart of the business. The car production side has rarely if ever made much money, and Lotus Engineering has been the cash cow that keeps the ...

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    Lotus shopping Evora chassis to other automakers?

    Back in the Nineties, shortly after Lotus introduced the original Elise, the company made it known that its new sportscar platform was designed to be easily adapted to different applications – including different powertrains. Companies that were interested in a platform for a niche products ...

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    Let us help you with that: Lotus develops off-the-shelf range extender engine

    The Lotus ethos has always been about efficient performance. "Simplicate, and add lightness" is an oft-echoed mantra coined by founder Colin Chapman. While the company is most known for its sports cars and racing endeavors, it's got a history of engineering for hire, as well. Embracing a ...

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    Lotus and Harman partner on noise-cancelling, noise-creating tech

    Lotus Engineering and Harman International have announced a partnership to develop Active Noise Control (ANC) technology for cars. Lotus will continue to develop their existing range of ANC technologies, and Harmon Becker will be the exclusive manufacturer of the systems, which could be customized ...

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    New Jaguar XE sportscar to ride on bobbed XK platform?

    Autocar is reporting that the compact Jaguar XE sports car due in about two years time will be based on a shortened version of the XK's extruded and cast aluminum frame. The dimensions are supposedly going to challenge those of the Mercedes SLK, and that narrower chassis created for the XE could ...

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    Jaguar turns to Lotus for development of new XE

    Click above to view the 2000 Jaguar F-Type concept in high resolution
    According to recent reports, Lotus has its hands filled with more than just Kia. Jaguar is supposedly outsourcing some of the initial development of its anticipated upcoming sportscar to Lotus Engineering. The two British ...

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    Kia brings in Lotus to give their suspension some Soul

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Kia Soul
    In addition to making its own sportscars that are renowned for their sublime handling, Lotus has helped a wide variety of other automakers – Dodge, Ford, Isuzu, Talbot, Tesla, Toyota, and Vauxhall to name a few – adjust the suspensions ...

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    Lotus annouces new Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Group

    Behind the scenes, Lotus is much more than a low-volume manufacturer of sporty little roadsters. Along with Lotus Cars, Group Lotus houses Lotus Engineering. With decades of motorsports experience, Lotus Engineering offers consulting expertise to automotive suppliers and OEM manufacturers. They've ...

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    Lotus Engineering to play key role for Chinese automaker

    Lotus Engineering has agreed to help Chinese car company Jinhua Youngman develop a range of cars under a new brand over the next five years.The Lotus press release (in full after the jump) gives few details about the lineup, but does say the first car to be developed would be a four door saloon. ...

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    Robo-exotica: NC State snags Lotus Elise for '07 DARPA Challenge

    Now this is what we call an upgrade: NC State University's Insight Racing team has scored a new set of wheels for the upcoming 2007 DARPA Grand Challenge. The team's Chevrolet Suburban, dubbed "Desert Rat" for the last DARPA challenge, which sent vehicles across the Mojave in the final event, will ...


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