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lotus elise

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    Lotus powers up Elise, Exige for 2008

    Click image for photo galleryFor 2008, Lotus has turned up the heat on its Elise and Exige sports cars. The Lotus Elise SC is a 220-horsepower variant powered by a new, compact, non-intercooled supercharger mated to the standard 1.8L engine. Identifiable by its model-exclusive wheels and a new rear ...

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    Chameleon A8 - an Audi that drives like an Elise, GTI, Getz and E-Class!

    Audi has seen the future, and the future is exciting; at least in Ingolstadt. Engineers at Audi have cooked up the automotive equivalent of the Focusrite Liquid Mix. An A8L has been pressed into service as the basis for Audi's emulator, having been modified with extra hydraulics, an active steering ...

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    Autoblog Night Watch: Europe's Time Attack in full effect

    Time Attack is about the purest a form of motorsport you can get. Take a car, strip it of everything unnecessary, spot weld anything you lay eyes on, throw in the required safety equipment and data systems, then couple the biggest, baddest engine to a close ratio gearbox (sequential preferred), ...

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    Lotus Elise confused for bass boat in horrible painting accident

    Surfing around these great interwebs, we've learned far too many times that there is no accounting for taste. Case in point: someone with 50 large to spend on the most pure form of driving bliss – the Lotus Elise – decided the car's factory paint scheme wasn't eye-catching enough. The ...

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    Lotus introduces collector's edition Elise Type 72D

    The 35th anniversary of the Lotus Type 72D's Formula 1 championship is approaching and to commemorate Emerson Fittipaldi's 16-point spanking of Sir Jackie Stewart, Lotus is creating a limited edition Elise to celebrate.The Type 72D Collectible Edition will be limited to 50 cars world wide, with ...

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    Spy Shots: Lotus Esprit

    It's been far too long since we've heard anything about Lotus' supercar, the Esprit. Finally, some spy shots have surfaced, showing the mid-engined mule having a few bolts tightened while up on the rack.The images don't give much away as far as the Esprit's styling, with some heavy body cladding, ...

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    Superbowl Sunday Deviations: The Inside Story of the Lotus Elise

    For those of you that aren't particularly interested in the entertainment du jour, we'd suggest that you do two things: Find your favorite backroad and go for a drive. In all likelihood, there will be less traffic and fewer motorcyclists than your average Sunday. Watch the documentary on ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: slightly used Lotus Elise

    You may remember reading our original post on this Lotus Elise and feeling the abject horror that accompanies the site of such a car pointing towards the sky. Well, the owner has decided to salvage what he can from the debacle that saw his beloved Elise tumble from a mechanic's lift by selling it ...

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    Robo-exotica: NC State snags Lotus Elise for '07 DARPA Challenge

    Now this is what we call an upgrade: NC State University's Insight Racing team has scored a new set of wheels for the upcoming 2007 DARPA Grand Challenge. The team's Chevrolet Suburban, dubbed "Desert Rat" for the last DARPA challenge, which sent vehicles across the Mojave in the final event, will ...

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    Dealership service doesn't seem so expensive anymore

    Poor guy. After wearing out the first set of Goodyear's on his beloved Elise (not hard to do. -Ed.), he figured where better to take it than a Goodyear dealer, right? Especially since his father-in-law had been the service manager there for 10+ years. What could possibly go wrong? After reviewing ...

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    Lotus Elise, Exige prices all jacked up

    Lotus has jacked up the prices on the Elise and the Exige, according to The Car Connection. The smaller Elise, which has adaptive headlights and an unfavorable exchange rate for 2007, will go for $43,990, up from $42,990 for the 2006 model. The Exige, which is essentially an Elise with a hard top ...

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    Europa doesn't live up to its Lotus badge

    The world is rife with disappointments, but driving a Lotus should never fall into that category. According to Andrew Frankel over at Inside Line, that's exactly what the new Lotus Europa S is – a cumbersome, unmotivated and unrefined (not in the Lotus way) let down.His report from Europe ...

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    ReVerie wants to turn your Lotus up a notch

    We all know Lotus builds near track-ready production cars, and as aggressive as the Exige and Elise are in the styling department, improvements can always be made. Lotus specialist ReVerie is working on new wheel arches for the Exige and Elise, along with a new rear diffuser, that cranks the crazy ...

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    RR of the Day: 2005 Lotus Elise

    For today's RR of the Day we could have waxed poetic about the joys of the Elise for several paragraphs, but honestly, what more needs to be said about the feather-weight Lotus? Know the 1.8-liter, 190-hp, mid-mounted four. Understand Colin Chapman's obsession with speed through lightweight. Love ...

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    Autoblog Night Watch: Lotus Carlton

    When Lotus announced earlier this week that its intends to bring three new models to production over the next few years, we began day-dreaming of the myriad of possibilities that may come about.As good as the Elise and Exige are, and as good as the Europa and new Esprit hope to be, some of ...

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    Lotus: 3 new cars on the way

    Lotus announced today that it plans to introduce three new cars in the next few years. Right now, the Lotus range consists of the Elise, Exige, and Europa S. As most of you know by now, North America won't see the Europa. So, what is in store for Lotus?Obviously, one of the three new cars is going ...

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    A dream fulfilled: Lotus Elise rentals are coming

    Yesterday, our vision of a perfect world took a small step towards reality, when Lotus announced that they would make the Elise available to select rental car agencies. The decision was made in response to the unbridled affection shown by the U.S. market for the sub-ton roadster, along with the ...

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    Lotus gets a new spindoctor

    Lotus announced today that it has hired a new ad agency to help it along with a renewed push into the North American market. Burbank-based e2amp, inc. will be responsible for rejuvenating the British sportscar company's image in the US and Canada through advertising, product placement and ...

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    Longing for London: Lotus Summer Festival

    About once a week, one of the members at Autoblog HQ envisions a credit card abusing romp through the UK. The reasons for such idle threats are varied, but some of the catalysts include the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Jeremy Clarkson playing MC at MPH, the variety of not-for-U.S. consumption ...

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    'Esprit' badge will be revived on Lotus supercar

    Lotus CEO Mike Kimberley let slip in an interview with PistonHeads that the Hethel-based automaker would indeed be calling its upcoming mid-engine supercar the Esprit, a name that graced the flanks of the supercar for which Lotus is most well known. The slip was entirely unintentional, as a PR ...


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