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lotus eagle

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    More images of the the Lotus 'Eagle' released

    Click above for more shots of the Lotus Eagle.Lotus gave up some initial details about the 2+2(ish) tentatively known as the "Eagle" yesterday, and now Autocar has procured a few more shots of the coupe ahead of its unveiling at the London Motor Show next week.Just to put the Eagle's dimensions ...

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    It's so much clearer now - Lotus slightly deobfuscates 2+2's name

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Lotus E-somethingoranother.Lotus hasn't done something silly, like just spill the beans on the name of its new 2+2 that's set to debut at the British International Motor Show on July 22nd. The new four-placer's moniker will start with an E, and it will be ...

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    Lotus reveals Eagle teaser ahead of British Motor Show debut

    Reports indicate that the highly-anticipated Lotus Eagle will be making its debut next month at the British Motor Show. The 2+2 sports car will be the first all-new Lotus in about 13 years, and will reportedly be powered by a Toyota-sourced 3.5-liter V6 lifted out of the Camry family sedan but ...

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    Spy VIDEO: Lotus Eagle tackles the 'Ring

    Click above to view video after the jumpThe London Motor Show is coming up quick and that means Lotus engineers are working overtime to get the Eagle ready for its time in the spotlight. A video of Lotus' new 2+2 doing its thing on the 'Ring surfaced today that gives us a very brief glimpse of some ...

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    More details on the Lotus Eagle

    With less than three months separating us from the official debut of the Lotus Eagle at the 2008 London Motor Show, Car has been able to procure a few more details about Lotus' new 2+2. The latest crop of spy shots shows the Eagle still wearing its form-obscuring camo, but viewed in profile, it's ...

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    Spy Shots: More images of the Lotus Eagle taking flight

    Fresh spy shots have surfaced of the upcoming Lotus project Eagle coupe. Lotus released some teaser shots of the front suspension a couple of months ago and we've seen the prototype wearing the over-sized fender camo before. These new shots, however, give us the clearest view yet of the new 2+2 ...

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    Spy Shots: Bird watchers spot Lotus Eagle in the wild

    Click above for more high-res spy shots of the Lotus EagleThe bald eagle has made a comeback, and in some parts of the U.S. can easily be spotted hanging out again in tree tops and going after unsuspecting field mice. The Lotus Eagle, however, has been a tough bird to spot. Spy photographers for ...

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    LA 2007: Lotus blossoms from Elise/Exige to Eagle to Esprit

    Large high-res gallery of all of the Lotus models available by clicking aboveThis week in LA, veteran Lotus development engineer Roger Becker told the assembled press about the changes we'll see in the Elise and Exige for 2008. He also talked a bit about some of the changes happening at the factory ...

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    Spy Shots: Lotus "Eagle"

    Yes, we know it looks like the Esprit. Please don't bombard us with comments about how it looks like the old Esprit. It really is the new GT from Lotus, known for now as the Eagle. It's wearing Esprit body panels, so yes, we know it looks like the old Esprit. Based on a heavily revised Elise ...

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    Lotus "Eagle" coming in 2008

    Lotus has plans: the Elise is going to get a detuned Exige engine (220 BHP without an intercooler), a new Exige SR model will feature launch and traction control systems, California series Elise and Exige models are in the pipeline for the boulevard cruising crowd, and Lotus is also going to inject ...


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