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    Report: Lotus hiring 100 after securing £100m investment

    Lotus is getting a shot in the arm courtesy of corporate parent DRB-Hicom, which has announced a 100-million pound ($152.3M USD at today's rates) investment in the Hethel, UK-based manufacturer. The troubled brand was also in the news last week, with DRB announcing a new, three-year plan that ...

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    Report: Former CEO Bahar files $10.6M suit against Lotus

    File this one under "not surprising in the least." Fired Lotus CEO Dany Bahar is reportedly suing his former employers for some $10.6 million, claiming that the automaker and its Malaysian owner, DRB, broke the law when they dismissed him. According to a report by Bloomberg Businessweek, DRB and ...

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    Report: Lotus model development on lockdown as company looks to change hands

    Lotus has put a halt to all development of future models. The news comes after the Malaysian government sold its controlling stake in Lotus parent company Proton. According to EVO, the company's takeover regulations require all involved parties to enter into a "lockdown" wherein anything outside ...

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    Frankfurt: Lotus Evora GTE is a refined racer for the road

    Lotus has been teasing a tuned-up Evora for a few months now, as rumors flew that the automaker was planning a hardcore version for the street. Finally, however, the rumors have all been confirmed as Lotus pulls back the wraps on the production Evora GTE Road Car. This is similar to the white and ...

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    Report: Lotus in search of new buyers?

    There's no question that Lotus needs to sell more cars if it is to survive in an industry rapidly centralizing into major groups. But when CEO Dany Bahar talks about looking for new buyers, he's not talking about selling cars. He's talking about selling the company itself. Of course, Lotus is ...

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    First U.S.-bound Lotus Evora S batch heads to U.K. port

    A spokesperson for Lotus Cars USA has notified us that on Monday, the first Evora S allotment of press cars left its Hethel U.K. factory and headed to port in both the 2+0 and 2+2 seating arrangements. We already go gaga over the $64,000 276-horsepower Evora 2+0 for its crispy dynamics and ...

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    Report: Lotus to overhaul Exige, Evora ahead of Esprit production

    2009 Lotus Exige Cup 260 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's no secret that Lotus has monumental plans in the coming years, announcing no fewer than four new models at the 2010 Paris Motor Show that it says will gradually roll out over the next several years. But there's no ...

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    Report: Bob Lutz gives Lotus a 60% chance of success

    If anyone knows about turning things around, it's Bob Lutz. After all, he was a naval aviator, and those guys can pull some serious G forces. He's also widely credited with keeping Chrysler alive for longer than it might have been otherwise. But what's he up to these days? Well for one thing ...

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    Lotus Cars and Lotus F1 embroiled in naming rights dispute

    Stick with us here, because this is going to get a little complicated. We have on the one hand Lotus Cars and Group Lotus. On the other we have the current Lotus F1 team. The former – producers of such sportscars as the Elise and the new Elite – is owned by Malaysian state automaker ...

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    Lotus announces Dr Robert Hentschel and Paul Newsome as engineering directors

    Robert Hentschel (L) and Paul Newsome (R)
    While most people know Lotus for its sportscars, engineering has always been at the heart of the business. The car production side has rarely if ever made much money, and Lotus Engineering has been the cash cow that keeps the ...

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    Hammond, May, Brosnan and Craig all in line for Lotus Evora

    Click above to view high-res image gallery of the Lotus Evora
    We're apparently not the only ones in love with the Lotus formula, as celebrities are reportedly falling all over each other to get on the list for an Evora. We had a blissful visit with an Exige recently, but our main gripe was that we ...

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    Done deal! Lotus will build the Tesla Roadster in Hethel

    Well, we knew that Lotus personnel had been working with the folks from Tesla Motors on their sexy electric roadster, and today we received a bit of interesting related news. According to a report on (the Norfolk Eastern Daily Press website), Group Lotus' involvement with the Tesla ...


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