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    Video: Powerball winner's first purchase will be used Acura NSX off Craigslist

    We don't play the lottery very often, but when we do, even a five-dollar win is cause for celebration. So we can't possibly imagine how Paul White from Minnesota is feeling after scoring a third of this week's $448 million Powerball jackpot. It has to be an overwhelming experience, but we think ...

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    Lucky 14: Workers at Dodge Viper plant win Powerball jackpot

    Dodge Viper assembly line workers in Detroit – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's not every day that someone actually wins the lottery, but that day has come for nineteen American factory workers. And it's come in a big way as two lottery clubs have claimed multi-million-dollar ...

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    REPORT: Tata selects first 100,000 Nano buyers from lotto

    Tata Nano - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Interest in the world's most affordable new car has been very strong, as Tata Motors reportedly received 206,000 applications for the $2,500 Nano. Due to production constraints, Tata ran a lottery to determine which of the applicants would ...

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    Canadian cancer patient wins Koenigsegg, opts for cash instead

    Click for hi-res gallery from Autoblog's first drive of the Koenigsegg CCX If you won a lottery that offered you million-dollar supercar or a large cash prize, which would you take? Okay, well you might be a little biased if you're reading Autoblog. So let's make this a little more challenging: ...

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    That'll buff right out: Chevy turns new Captiva into scratch off card

    Click the photo for a high-res gallery of the Captiva Scratch Car-d var digg_url = ''; We've all bought one of those "scratch and win" lottery cards at the convenience store before. Attacking that little piece of cardboard with a penny is ...


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