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    Video: Woman survives 7 weeks in wilderness in her Chevy Astro

    The Chretiens left British Columbia with their Chevrolet Astro Van pointing towards Las Vegas. Rita and her husband Albert were embarking on a 1,200-mile road trip. Unfortunately for the Chretiens, and for reasons we don't know, that Asto Van ended up stuck in the mud out in the Nevada ...

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    Study: Average male drives extra 276 miles/year because he won't stop for directions

    That long-running joke about men unwilling to stop for directions? Well, it's no joke, at least not according to British insurance firm Sheilas' Wheels. In fact, the average male motorist in Britain travels some 276 extra miles per year simply because he refuses to ask for directions. Worse yet, ...

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    Report: UK man claims he lost Lamborghini while drunk, beats insurance fraud charges

    Initially, authorities in England charged Glenn Knowles and Richard Mant with trying to defraud their insurance company. The pair of men co-own a Lamborghini, or at least they did, until Knowles misplaced it during a night of binge drinking. Prosecutors weren't buying the story that Mr. Knowles ...

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    English trucker blindly follows GPS down the wrong path

    A little more than a month after one bloke followed his GPS guidance into the path of a train, we find a lorry driver in Great Britain pulling a similar blunder. Instead of looking outside the cab of the truck and noticing the large sign indicating the road was "unsuitable for heavy goods ...

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    Car wins game of hide and seek with owner

    Hide and seek was such a fun game as a child. Trying our darndest to keep our feet from showing from underneath the curtains, oblivious to the fact that our giggling, wiggling forms were so obviously clear to the seeker. As an adult it doesn't have the same appeal, unless you're reading about ...


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