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    Report: Some owners say Toyota recall fix not curing sudden acceleration problem

    How Toyota dealers repair sticky accelerator pedals – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Toyota has sent out nearly 10 million recall notices for its unintended acceleration problem, and while dealers are working hard to install new equipment into customer cars, some consumers report ...

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    Pulitzer winner Dan Neil reportedly leaves Los Angeles Times for Wall Street Journal

    Dan Neil, an automotive journalist who won the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism in 2004 for his weekly column Rumble Seat in the Los Angeles Times, is reportedly leaving his job in Los Angeles to serve as the automotive columnist for The Wall Street Journal. Perhaps it bears mentioning that the LA ...

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    Dan Neil on GMC Terrain: "No bark, no bite, but plenty of fleas"

    2010 GMC Terrain - click for high-res gallery
    Sometimes, we come across head-scratchers. What's the meaning of life? Nancy Kerrigan's anguished "Why?" Or most recently, "what is the point of the 2010 GMC Terrain?" The answer to the latter seems easy - it's to sell, silly. It appears to be having ...

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    LA Times details Toyota history of concealing safety issues

    The unintended acceleration issue has reached critical mass for Toyota, but is it an isolated incident for an automaker with an otherwise stellar record for being frank with its customers? A recent investigation by the Los Angeles Times shows that Toyota may have concealed safety issues on ...

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    Otis Chandler Collection going up for auction

    When Otis Chandler passed away back in February, he left a lot more than a legacy of publishing prowess. Sure, during the 1960s he had transformed his family's newspaper into the world-renowned Los Angeles Times that we know today. But when he wasn't in his office, Otis liked to drive. And hunt. ...


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