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74Another crazy custom Jeep Wrangler spotted in Morocco

What in the world is the vehicle you see above? Well, um... yeah. We have no idea. According to the video description from YouTube, however, it's a modified Jeep Wrangler, and it comes from the same person who created the equally insane side-by-side merged Wrangler you saw here.

23VIDEO: C/D channels inner redneck with International LoneStar Harley-Davidson

Car and Driver takes on the LoneStar Harley Davidson edition - Click above to watch the videos after the jump

AddChicago 2008: LoneStar semi might just create green envy in trucking industry

I've already heard a lot of wonderful oneliners about the just-unveiled International LoneStar. Over at Autoblog, someone writes that those Escalades are getting bigger every year and here at the Chicago Auto Show, we're pretty sure this name is a misprint. LoanStar is a more accurate name for this sleek new monster.

33Chicago 2008: International introduces the LoneStar Class 8 big rig

click above for more high-rez images of the International LoneStar

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