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london congestion charge

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    Report: Obama now among foreign motorists who owe £50M in unpaid London congestion charges

    According to The Daily Mail, the city of London has slapped President Barack Obama with a £120 fine for failing to pay congestion charges during his most recent visit to the UK capitol. The fine evens out to around $193 at current conversion rates. When the president visited London in May, ...

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    London to consider scrapping congestion charge for economy's sake

    London Mayor Boris Johnson is considering scrapping the city's oft-maligned Congestion Charge. The pay-to-drive strategy was instituted back in 2003 as a way of reducing traffic in the busy British capital, but it has met with fierce opposition from motorists and some politicians. Shortly after ...

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    London congestion charge has failed to solve congestion

    London Congestion Charge: FAIL. According to the most recent reports, traffic in London is exactly as bad today as it was before the C-Charge was ever initiated. London motorists have made their opinion about the system clear in recently voting out ex-Mayor Ken Livingstone, a man who championed the ...

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    Mayor Livingstone quintuples London "congestion charge"

    We report this unfortunate development in solidarity with our British comrades. As if it weren't hard enough living in London – already one of the most expensive cities in the world – Mayor Ken Livingstone has drastically increased the congestion charge for cars entering the city. The ...

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    G-Wiz! London drivers going electric

    The city of London's efforts to control its infamous traffic jams and related air quality issues have focused on discouraging drivers from even considering entering the city with their gas-burners by levying a daily "congestion charge" (a form of usage tax, running about $15 a day) and a stiff ...


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