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    Study: Infographic: LoJack releases 2011 Auto Theft Report

    By all accounts, vehicle theft is down to some of the lowest levels in over 25 years. Even so, cars are still getting pilfered every day, and LoJack has gone through the trouble of crafting a detailed infographic displaying some of the more interesting information associated with the 10,251 ...

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    Car thieves still love Honda according to LoJack annual report

    LoJack says the Honda Accord was the most stolen vehicle of 2010 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Theft prevention and recovery company LoJack knows a lot about stolen vehicles. It also knows a lot about getting those vehicles back. In 2010, the company says that fully 90 percent ...

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    Stealing Current: LoJack goes no-power for hybrids

    LoJack systems draw their power from your car or your motorcycle's (or laptop's) battery to send their signal. With a traditional vehicle, this generally isn't a problem as the draw is small and as long as the a car gets driven regularly, there's plenty of juice on tap. Hybrids are another matter ...

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    LoJack Europe foils Lamborghini Gallardo thieves

    LoJack's international recovery network makes it increasingly difficult to escape its satellite eyes. Here's the best example yet. Two Albanian thieves broke into the Italian vacation of home of a Frenchman and knocked him out with sleeping gas. They then stole his French-registered Gallardo. When ...


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