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    Report: Renault appoints Dacia Logan creator to head its Nano-rival program in India

    After watching the Tata Nano post sales numbers smaller than its engine displacement, Renault gave up on its much publicized intention to build a truly inexpensive car to rival it. Then, a month ago, reports emerged that Renault was resuming work on a couple of low-priced cars for emerging ...

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    Report: Mahindra may look to freeze joint venture with Renault

    In India, the Dacia Logan is sold as the Mahindra Logan, manufactured as part of a joint venture between Mahindra and Renault. Observers suggest, though, that because the Mahindra Logan isn't selling well, the Indian company will wind down its involvement in the joint venture. If Mahinda does ...

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    Carlos Ghosn goes to Russia, returns with a new AvtoVaz

    Relentless deal maker Carlos Ghosn has never stopped looking for any partnership that would give Renault a plum position in a profitable market. Already close to a Nissan deal with Chrysler working on Renault and Nissan deals in the Middle East, his latest paramour is in Russia. Ghosn has secured ...

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    Racecar for the Masses: Dacia Logan Cup

    Click on the pic above for more images Want a cheap racing car? Using one of the cheapest cars on the market would be a good place to start. That's the idea behind the Dacia Logan Cup, a series of racing mods available for the budget automobile. The Logan Cup clearly draws on the expertise from ...

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    Cheaper by the Dozen: the race for the $3000 car

    Reporting on one luxury car hitting the market after another and a seemingly endless race for the latest in technological breakthroughs, it seems hard to believe, but the fiercest competition in the automotive industry is emerging in the ultra-low cost segment. As markets like India and China ...

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    Iran-built Renault Logan gets green light again after political wrangling

    Pushing aside mounting political pressures, Renault has announced that it will go ahead with plans to build its Logan sedan in Iran as part of a joint venture. Signed yesterday, the deal had been in doubt for some time-and not because of the nation's controversial nuclear initiative. As Autoblog ...


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