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What better way to spark young students' curiosity than to give them ride on a bus that simulates a ride across the Martian surface?

Army, Marines push back initial operational capability for JLTV due to Lockheed Martin protest.

Oshkosh Defense was forced to idle its work on the JLTV, the vehicle replacing the Humvee, creating a domino effect that's now impacting troops.

Lockheed tells the press that it expects to fly a demonstrator hypersonic, Mach 5 aircraft "the size of an F-22" at a cost of less than $1 billion.

Federal court decision marks latest JLTV win for supplier Oshkosh.

Oshkosh can get back to work on the JLTV after a Court of Federal Claims judge dismissed Lockheed's request for a preliminary injunction.

Lockheed Martin has escalated its opposition to the Pentagon's JLTV decision to a federal claims court.

Maintaining a multi-million-dollar spy plane is a serious process. So serious, in fact, that each plane gets a full disassembly every 4,700 flight hours.

It's not every day that the US Navy takes delivery of a new warship. So to mark the launch of the USS Milwaukee, Lockheed Martin collaborated with Harley-Davidson on this custom Softail Slim S to be auctioned off for charity.

The US Air Force has appointed Northrop Grumman as the supplier for its new long-range strike bomber program, which is valued at $60 billion.

AM General Takes The High Road

Lockheed Martin will protest Uncle Sam's decision to choose the Oshkosh entry to the JLTV competition, which is kind of exactly what we expected.

AM General, Lockheed Martin To Likely Contest Decision

According to Army officials, the new Oshkosh JLTV should cost less than $399,000 per vehicle, a figure that includes a full complement of battle equipment.

Oshkosh Defense has officially been awarded the contract for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, the US military's replacement for the venerable Humvee.

Lockheed Marin is set to dramatically expand its reach in the helicopter market, with the purchase of Sikorsky Aircraft, manufacturer of the UH-60 Blackhawk.

Elon Musk's SpaceX startup has scored a big victory, earning certification from the US Air Force to launch national security payloads.

A US Air Force feasibility stud has found that the sensors and cameras from the U-2 spy plane can be adapted to work on the RQ-4 Global Hawk drone.

A mid-air collision between two F-16s last October is being blamed on the pilots involved, a US Air Force report on the incident reveals.

As the next-generation of fighter aircraft enters their earliest planning phases, the importance of stealth technology is taking center stage.

Which phrase do you prefer? Many hands make light work or too many cooks in the kitchen? It's a question that some members of NATO might be asking after the statements made by Domingo Ureña Raso, the executive vice president of military aircraft for European aerospace giant Airbus.

Following on Lockheed Martin's announcement that it is attempting to trim the cost of a single F-35 fighter by way of a $170-million investment between now and 2019, the Pentagon could be set to announce that it will toss in as much as $300 million to that effort.

Of the many arrows in the quiver of the F-35 Lightning's critics, the overall cost of the plane and its accompanying development is the most frequently used. The farcically high procurement and development costs – $398.6 billion, as of April – are only overshadowed by the individual cost of a plane, which is expected to exceed $100 million, regardless of which branch of the service it's for.

The US Air Force will begin repairs of 82 grounded F-16D two-seaters today, following the development of cracks in the canopy sill between the front and rear seats.

The United States Air Force has taken the dramatic step of grounding over half of an entire variant of one of its most well-known planes – the F-16 Fighting Falcon (or Viper, if you prefer its unofficial nickname). The grounding covers the two-seat F-16D variant, and was issued after the USAF discovered structural cracks in 82 of its 157 fighters.

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