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locked out

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    Video: How to break into your crapcan with a piece of string

    Being locked out of your car is just as much a universal language as music, love and drunkenness. That's why this video from what appears to be Russia, featuring a Lada, can be immediately understood even though no one in it speaks a lick of English. The protagonist in the clip, showing off a ...

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    Video: Even Koenigsegg drivers use coat hangers when they lock themselves out

    There are but a few certain universal truths. Among them: locking yourself out of your own vehicle sucks. That fact is accurate whether your keys are sitting in the ignition of your '89 Ford Escort or your Koenigsegg CCR. Just ask the owner of this particular Swedish supercar. While at a track ...

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    Spy Shots: Kia engineers lock themselves out of Quoris prototype... in the desert

    Locking your keys in your car is never a fun experience. You have to call the auto club or tow service, wait for them to either bring you a new key or break into your car for you. It's something that happens to everyone at least once, and then you (try to) remember never to do it again. A team ...


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