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    Mulally confirms Ford isn't seeking federal funds

    Ford won't be joining General Motors and Chrysler on any return trips to Uncle Sam's Bailout Buffet. The automaker plans to stay in Dearborn and cook dinner at home, so says CEO Alan Mulally, who told reporters at the NADA convention, "We don't want to borrow any more money. We have sufficient ...

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    Canada officially approves its own $4 billion auto aid package

    True to their word, the Canadians came through with an aid package to support the auto industry, namely GM and Chrylser. The amount to be loaned is $4 billion Canadian, with $2.7 billion coming from the national government and $1.3 billion coming from Ontario, where much of the industry is based. ...

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    GM wants $10 billion in aid from the Feds to buy Chrysler

    In the latest development of The Incomprehensible Union, General Motors is reportedly asking the U.S. government for $10 billion -- on top of the $25 billion loan approved recently -- to help it merge with Chrysler. The supplemental infusion would give the government, i.e. you and me, a stake in ...

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    Detroit automakers to lobby Congress for $50 billion in loans

    What's another $25 billion between friends? That's the argument General Motors, Chrysler and Ford's Congressional lobbyists will be making in the next few months for a $50 billion loan from the federal government.Originally, Detroit's Big Three were after $25 billion in loans from the Feds, but ...

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    Lots overflowing with repo vehicles

    What's the second biggest purchase after a home? Most of the time, it's a car. And with so many people losing their homes, it's really no surprise that so many people are also losing their cars. Repossession companies are reporting record business -- so much so in fact that they are securing ...


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