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    Official: Toyota snags Davidson, Buemi to drive TS030 at Le Mans

    F1 drivers typically have a shelf life shorter than what you otherwise might call a career. As the constant stream of new, young drivers usurps existing F1 seats, you're left with a wealth of talent available to contest other forms of motorsport. That's how you end up with former grand prix ...

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    Official: Toyota upgrades limited TS030 Hybrid racing program to full WEC entry

    When Toyota announced its return to endurance sports car racing with the new TS030 Hybrid this season, the plan was to enter a handful of races, like Le Mans and Spa-Francorchamps, on an invitational basis. Plans change, though, and Toyota has now upgraded the program to a full manufacturer ...

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    Official: Toyota reveals TS030 Hybrid endurance prototype [w/video]

    The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. So, apparently, do the world's automakers. At least, that is, when it comes to Le Mans. Case in point: the new Toyota TS030 Hybrid, the Le Mans prototype that the Japanese automaker has just revealed, mere days after Peugeot announced its departure from ...

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    Report: Toyota begins testing new hybrid LMP1

    The sudden departure of Peugeot from the Le Mans racing scene came as quite a shock, we know. But don't count the inaugural FIA World Endurance Championship – or the famed 24-hour race at its center – out for the count before it's even started, because another powerhouse is already ...

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    Video: Porsche primes us for Le Mans return with look back

    The 24 Hours of Le Mans is still eight months away, but that hasn't stopped Porsche from producing another video to get us excited about it. Or rather, Porsche is working to get us excited for the 2014 Le Mans race, when it will return to the 16.75-kilometer circuit with a new LMP1 car. Porsche ...

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    Official: Toyota recruits top drivers for new Le Mans program

    Toyota is dead serious about its new Le Mans effort. To that end, the Japanese auto giant is developing an all-new hybrid LMP1 racer, it has retained the considerable services of Team Oreca to help with trackside logistics, and it has now announced its driver lineup. And make no mistake about it, ...

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    Official: Peugeot begins track-testing 908 diesel hybrid

    Diesel propulsion isn't anything new in Le Mans-class endurance racing. Hybrids are still a rarity, but even when Toyota returns to Le Mans with a hybrid LMP1 next year, it won't be alone. That's because Peugeot is preparing to chart new territory with the 908 Hybrid4. The latest evolution of ...

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    Official: Toyota returning to Le Mans with hybrid LMP1 car

    Toyota has announced that it is returning to the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile's World Endurance Championship in 2012. The car it will be contesting the series with is a new prototype that will use a hybrid gasoline/electric powertrain. We can only hope the experience will equal more ...

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    Report: Bentley considering new LMP1 race car

    In 2001, Bentley returned to Le Mans after an absence of more than 70 years with a machine known as the Speed 8 (pictured above), eventually winning the 24-hour race in 2003. Bentley hasn't been involved in motorsports since, although a new report indicates that could change soon. In a recent ...

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    Report: Jaguar returning to Le Mans with new LMP1

    A whole lot of stars need to be aligned in order to get a good slew of manufacturers fielding factory works teams in any major racing series. But those factors seem to be coming together at the pinnacle of endurance racing. With the FIA and the ACO getting along with a new World Endurance ...

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    Official: Porsche gearing up for 2014 return to Le Mans [w/video]

    No automaker has won the 24 Hours of Le Mans as many times as Porsche. Not Audi, with its ten wins to Porsche's sixteen, or Ferrari's nine. But those were all a long time ago. In fact, Porsche's most recent was with the 911 GT1 back in 1998. Since then, Porsche has been pussyfooting around at ...

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    Report: Toyota to field all-new LMP1 at Le Mans next year?

    This year's 24 Hours of Le Mans packed plenty of action, but there weren't as many automakers fielding their own entries in the top-tier LMP1 category as you might think. There was Audi, of course, which has dominated the category for years, arch-rival Peugeot, with its diesel-powered ...

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    Video: Audi R18 racer testing at Sebring in high-def

    The Audi R18 LMP1 enclosed prototype endured four days of rigorous testing at Sebring last week. Audi engineers used their time at the famed facility to test aerodynamics, fuel economy and reliability, using the R15 as a control. You won't be able to see the R18 compete until the six-hour race ...

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    Video: Aston Martin LMP1 and V12 Vantage sing 12-cylinder love songs to each other

    Aston Martin's V12 Vantage meets the Gulf LMP1 racecar – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Aston Martin may offer a car with eight cylinders, but the automaker's heart truly lies within those machines powered by 12. The Vantage was recently given a full injection of awesome when the ...

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    Peugeot announces next-generation 90X Le Mans Prototype

    Peugeot 90X – Click above for high-res image gallery
    French automaker PSA's assault on Audi is never-ending. As if the likes of the Peugeot RCZ and Citroën C5 weren't enough to challenge their German rival in the showroom, Citroën is striving to eclipse Audi's achievements on the ...

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    Aston Martin sketches out Le Mans-bound 2011 LMP1 racer

    Aston Martin's 2011 LMP1 challenger for the 24 Hours of Le Mans – Click above to enlarge image
    The Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO), which oversees various Le Mans series in Europe and elsewhere, laid out a number of changes to the 2011 LMP1-class cars, aiming to equalize performance ...

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    Aston Martin looks set to flood Le Mans grids with new prototype

    Lola-Aston Martin LMP1 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Since returning to the sportscar racing scene in 2005, Aston Martin Racing has expanded its scope to cover every category of GT racing from the GT4-spec Vantage to the GT1-spec DBR9. But few were prepared for the full-on ...

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    Audi R15 "plus" TDI shows off new, more aerodynamic nose

    2010 Audi R15 plus – click above to enlarge
    Testing for the 24 Hours of Le Mans doesn't begin until mid-June, but that doesn't mean that Audi isn't already hard at work bettering the chances of their diesel-powered R15 TDI racer. Thanks to a belated rule change for the LMP1 class designed ...

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    Nigel Mansell going for the Triple Crown at Le Mans with a little help from his sons

    The Triple Crown of Motorsport is an elusive distinction earned by only a handful of drivers in the history of motor racing. It's elusive partly because it evades definition, but given its immense difficulty, we'll take the broadest possible: To score the Triple Crown, a driver has to win either ...

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    Formula Le Mans joins the big boys in the Le Mans Series

    Formula Le Mans Oreca FLM09 – Click above for image gallery
    Most major racing disciplines around the world have a clear and comprehensive framework to allow aspiring drivers to learn the ropes. Pretty much everyone starts in karting, but from there F1 hopefuls go on to Formula Renault and ...


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