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27Lincoln putting perfume on its sales

Lincoln has a scent. But unlike those from Mustang, Lamborghini or even Shark by Tara, you can't buy it and you have to visit a Lincoln dealership to inhale its notes of jasmine hedione, mate tea leaves and tonka beans. Essence of Lincoln - that's what it's called - is being piped through the ventilation systems at some showrooms to help "create an emotional connection between the luxury brand and its customers," and olfactorily promote the idea of "luxury and warmth." Where it's not run through

57Ford requiring Lincoln dealers to spend $1 million each to renovate showrooms

It looks like Cadillac isn't the only American luxury automaker throwing the hammer and nails at its showrooms. According to Automotive News, stand-alone Lincoln dealers located in urban areas are expected to spend at least $1 million in showroom renovations over the next two years.

31Report: Ford spells out new standards for Lincoln dealers

Being a Lincoln dealer in the 21st century has been anything but easy, as Ford has been looking to shed its luxury brand dealers the past couple years. Then Blue Oval recently killed off Mercury, a brand Lincoln dealers traditionally used as a feeder program. And perhaps the biggest challenge has been coaxing buyers into the showroom, as the brand's 2010 sales total of just 85,828 units clearly illustrates.

19Report: Lincoln skews volume toward urban centers, unnerves small town dealers

Lincoln has apparently had enough of small-town life. According to Automotive News, Ford's luxury brand plans to give its dealerships in metropolitan areas the lion's share of production moving forward. The company says luxury buyers are typically centered around larger cities, and as such, up to 85 percent of the company's inventory will go to its dealers in the 130 largest U.S. markets in the future. That move denotes a larger percentage than the company has used in the past. Needless to say,

31Report: Lincoln dealers refusing to upgrade stores until Ford shows future products

According to Automotive News, some Lincoln dealers aren't willing to put up the cash for expensive showroom updates until their company shows them physical proof of future products. Ford has asked some dealers to spend as much as $1 million on facility upgrades, even while admitting that there won't be any new products for up to two years. With Ford tight-lipped about what exactly their new luxury lineup will look like, many dealers aren't sure whether or not a large investment in their showroom

31Report: Lincoln plans to close 200 metro dealers, upgrade the rest

Lincoln Concept C – Click above for high-res image gallery

67DetNews: Ford's slow revival of Lincoln taking heat from dealers

2010 Lincoln MKT – click above for high-res image gallery

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