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    Vauxhall Insignia Limo too much of a good thing?

    Vauxhall Statesman – Click above for image gallery
    Wilcox Limousine in England distributes the Vauxhall Statesman in both six-door, three-row limousine and hearse configurations. The company has already begun eying the new Insignia for dignitary and funeral duty, and the result is rendered ...

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    Ingolstadt's version of the HUMMER limo

    Click on the above image for a gallery of the Q7 limousine Proving that money and taste don't always occupy common ground, we've stumbled upon this 14-seat Audi Q7 limousine (don't worry, it's not a factory conversion). With colorful purple Disco lighting adorning both the floor and ceiling, and ...

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    It had to happen: The smart fortwo for eight

    Take a smart fortwo, cut it in half just behind the doors, and spend 300 man-hours over the next month adding nearly nine more feet to the vehicle's length. The result is the world's first smart fortwo "limo" that is about as long as a Mercedes-Benz S-Class! The images show a prototype model from ...

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    Ukrainian limousine leaves nothing to the imagination

    We've seen some dogface cars around here. As a baseline, most of us consider the stock Pontiac Aztek simply indigestible. With that in mind, when this "customized" Pontiac Aztek showed up on eBay last year, a few of us fell over the porcelain fighting to hold down lunch. Just as our stomachs have ...


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