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AddIn Detail: Lightning GT Electric Supercar

In this week's episode we got a chance to spend some time with a particularly interesting EV sports car. It's called the Lightning GT and it comes from a startup across the pond called Lightning Car Company. As the name would suggest, this EV supercar puts up some seriously electric numbers.

3EV Cup electric car racing series to light up tires in 2011

If you've been impatiently waiting to watch electric cars rip racetrack asphalt asunder, an end to your suffering may be in sight. A new racing series branded EV Cup has just been launched in London with plans to bring 3 separate classes of cars to a half-dozen tracks around Europe beginning in 2011. City and Sports EV series would consist of mono-maker grids using production vehicles, though they would receive some race prep in the way of stripped-out cabins and juiced-up powertrains. The Proto

11Lightning Car Company plans three more electric cars

Lightning Car Company GT - Click above for high-res image gallery

1Electric sports cars abound in UK EV test

Although there may be many a MINI E, i MiEVs and smart EDs taking part in that £25 million ($40 million) UK electric vehicle test program, there is also a subset of sports cars involved. The EEMS Accelerate project says it plans to have 21 vehicles acquiring electric car data for 12 months in a rather more sporting style, including kilometers collected on a closed circuit as well as commuting.

5Will Lightning GT show roll on?

Click above for a high res gallery of the Lightning GT

10Video: Lightning GT unveiled, in action, and spotlighted

The freshly unveiled all-electric Lightning GT we showed you yesterday is certainly garnering a lot of attention and video tape at this years British International Motor Show. We received a message from British electric-car vlogger, Danny, telling us he had footage of the hi-tech silver beauty having its shroud publicly removed. We rushed to watch it and happily discovered he also had his own mini Q & A session with Lightning Car Company representative, Chris Dell. We got to hear some very i

29Lightning GT EV sports car coming this month

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Lightning GT.

1Top 20 green cars we wish we could buy today, Number 14: Lightning GT

Click image for a hi-res gallery of the Lightning GT

14Lightning GT all-electric sports car revealed

Click above for high-res gallery of the LLC Lightning GT

29Lightning Car Co to use Altairnano batteries in new sports car

Click the photo for a high-res gallery of the Lightning GT

9Lightning Car Company to build 700HP all-electric GT

click above image to view additional high-res photos of the Lightning GT

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