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lightning car company

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    Lightning GT entering late prototype phase

    Lightning Car Company GT - Click above for high-res image gallery
    In February 2009, UK-based Lightning Car Company announced that it was intent on building and selling its electric GT sometime in 2010. Well, the year is almost over and Lightning, as one might expect of any fledgling ...

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    Lightning GT EV sports car coming this month

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Lightning GT.This month will see the debut of the Lightning GT electric sports car at the British Motor Show on July 23. The nano-titanate battery pack will provide 740-HP and a 0-60 sprint in just four seconds. Those batteries have also been spaced around ...

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    Lightning GT all-electric sports car revealed

    Click above for high-res gallery of the LLC Lightning GTLast year we told you about a plucky little UK-based firm called Lightning Car Company (LCC) that had announced its intention to build a 700-hp equivalent electric sports car called the Lightning GT. It's a lofty goal that took one step closer ...

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    Lightning Car Company to build 700HP all-electric GT

    click above image to view additional high-res photos of the Lightning GTLightning Car Company from the UK has created a new all-electric sports car called the GT that melds the front end of an E-Type Jag, the profile of a Marcos, and the back end of a TVR. Under the skin sits the same Altairnano ...


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