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    ETC: How Ford's light lab keeps the sun shining on the new Mustang just right [w/video]

    Anyone who's bought one of those old school metal shift knobs knows they're really cool until they sit in a parking lot in the sun for a few hours. Then they're not cool at all. Likewise, features such as the aluminum dash on the 2015 Ford Mustang can be all kinds of neat right up until the sun ...

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    Report: Audi pushing DOT to allow its sequential LED turn signals [w/videos]

    Still in the process of trying to get its trick LED Matrix Beam headlights legalized in the US, Audi is now trying to get its front and rear sequential LED turn signals approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Just like its auto-dimming headlights, the sequentially ...

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    Video: Mercedes offering illuminated Three-Pointed Star logo

    Deep, dark, secret confession time: Back well over a decade ago while I was in college, I supported my love for all things automotive in part by publishing basic how-to articles on websites dedicated to the vehicle that I owned at the time, a 1999 Ford Ranger. I never got paid for these pieces, ...

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    Report: Intel developing headlights that make rain invisible [w/video]

    When computer hardware companies start getting involved with the development of automotive technologies, you can be sure some futuristic stuff is about to go down. How does invisible rain sound to you? Intel, along with Carnegie Mellon University, has come up with an idea for a new headlight ...

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    Video: Cadillac choreographs light show for approaching its 2013 XTS

    Cadillac has already been releasing a steady drip of information about what's going into its 2013 XTS like its autonomous-vehicle tech, and now it's focusing on lighting choreography. Cadillac reminds us that its lighting signature is vertical bands of illumination, tying it back to 1948, when ...

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    Next-gen 'smart' headlamps to automatically adjust beams around oncoming traffic?

    A French company may have come with the next big thing in vehicle lighting. Valeo SA has developed a system called Beamatic Premium that allows drivers to keep their high-beams on at all times while still protecting other drivers from being blinded while driving. The tech uses onboard cameras to ...

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    Study: Ambient interior lighting makes drivers feel safer

    Ambient interior lighting – a feature once reserved for the top-dollar models in many automakers' ranges – is now becoming standard kit on a host of new vehicles. Ford, for example, offers ambient lighting on nearly its entire range of products, as do higher-end manufacturers like ...

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    Video: Sickest model car lighting kits ever

    Modell-Lichtsystem die-cast model lighting kits – Click above to watch video
    That's not a real Audi R8 pictured above. That's a 1:18-scale Kyosho die-cast model, fitted with a Modell-Lichtsystem (ML) illumination kit. The ML light packages can turn a model car with photo-realistic detail ...

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    Camaro interior animation lets you see the light

    inputstring941936342 width450 titleoverride2010 Chevy Camaro thumbids2169264034,1505252181
    At a GM event we attended at the end of last summer, one of the presentations shown to the assembled media was an interior animation depicting the new Chevy Camaro's cockpit lighting and how it ...

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    Night Light: Illuminating the Singapore GP night race

    Racing fans were excited at the announcement that Singapore would join the 2008 Formula One calendar as the series' first night race. But it's one thing to make the announcement, quite another to actually pull it off. Lighting up a road circuit in the middle of a bustling city is not like lighting ...

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    Let there be light - Visualeyes Rayzer rethinks auxiliary lamps

    Vehicular lighting is a crapshoot. Some vehicles offer a great swath of even coverage from their headlamps, while others make you feel like you're squinting through welding goggles at night. I went through the trouble to retrofit one of my cars with Cibié lamps running overwattage H4 bulbs. ...

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    Ford to offer customizable LED lighting?

    If the Ford Mustang's MyColor instrument panel lighting amuses you, then the announcement of a licensing agreement between the automaker and Colour Kinetics should further expand the joy. The deal allows Ford to legally use "intelligent color-controlled systems" both in the interior and on the ...

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    Survey Says: Garages lit with LED seem safer

    It's a scene we've seen hundreds of times in movies – predators emerging from the shadows in a dimly lit parking garage. It used to be that you could look for the cigarrette ember so you could meet up with Deep Throat, but Raleigh, North Carolina has beat back the shadows as it became the ...


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