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lexus rx400h

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    Recalls: Toyota and Lexus recalling 235,000 hybrid CUVs and sedans over separate issues

    When it rains, it pours. Toyota has announced a pair of separate but voluntary North America recalls covering approximately 235,000 vehicles built between 2006 and 2011. The larger of the two recalls targets Toyota's hybridized crossovers, the Lexus RX400h and Toyota Highlander Hybrid. 133,000 ...

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    Report: Toyota loses bid to dismiss hybrid patent infringements from Paice

    Things aren't looking good for Toyota in a legal battle over whether or not the Japanese automaker has infringed on a Florida-based company's hybrid drivetrain patents. A U.S. International Trade Commission judge recently ruled to deny Toyota's request to end the lawsuit brought by Paice LLC. ...

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    Toyota loses patent appeal for technology in Prius

    Toyota lawyers arrived at the U.S. Supreme Court today and were denied an appeal to overturn a ruling originally upheld by a federal appeals court in Washington last year. The case involved a technology patent held by a company named Paice LLC, which contended that Toyota used the same ...

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    ICE Touch: British customers get trick entertainment system in Lexus RX

    We think Lexus has struck the right balance with the sweetest in-car entertainment system yet. Called ICE (In Car Entertainment), the pair of eight-inch widescreen WVGA monitors protrude out of the back of the two front seats and feature an integrated slot-loading DVD in each, plus RCA inputs, USB ...


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