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    Hamilton Senior takes a Carrera GT for a spin

    "Dad, I've totalled the (insert name of first car here)." Chances are that even if you haven't had to use that phrase, you know someone who has. But in an unusual twist, Anthony Hamilton may be making the sheepish call to his son this morning. Lewis Hamilton's dad has put someone's Carrera GT ...

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    Good to be King: Lewis Hamilton borrows TechArt Porsche for LA trip

    Lewis Hamilton caught a plane headed west after dominating in Monaco, and when you're a rising F1 star in Los Angeles, you're certainly not going to hit up Avis to rent a Ford Focus – you want your vents to be functional. So Claus Ettensberger, owner of the So. Cal. tuning shop CEC, was kind ...

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    [SPOILER ALERT] Turkish Grand Prix was dog gone good

    Click above for high-res gallery of the 2008 Turkish Grand PrixThe real story coming out of this weekend's Turkish Grand Prix should be the fact that Ferrari won again and Lewis Hamilton is driving better than any other driver in F1, but a stray dog that was struck and killed on track during a GP2 ...

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    Hamster heads to the Beeb - Hammond to cover F1 for BBC

    Formula 1 will hit the BBC air waves in 2009 after a long run on ITV. The move will require new figureheads to sit at the desk, and London's Times has said that Top Gear's Richard Hammond is the top man for the job. Economics at least partially drove ITV's decision to withdraw from F1 coverage. The ...

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    Racist fans target Hamilton at Barcelona test

    It was a dark day for Formula One racing on Saturday when verbal attacks launched at McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton forced track officials to eject fans from the Barcelona circuit and close the gates. The abusive fans of Fernando Alonso, reportedly believing their hero had been treated unfairly by ...

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    Mercedes-Benz reveals Vodafone McLaren MP4-23 for 2008 F1 season

    Lewis Hamilton is having a great 23rd birthday. Not only has he resigned with McLaren for a reported $138 million, but Mercedes-Benz presented him with a brand new car to drive next season, the MP4-23. McLaren's new F1 car was literally finished last night and then trucked over a 1,000 kilometers ...

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    Lewis Hamilton resigns with McLaren for $138 million

    Reports are coming in that Lewis Hamilton, the phenom F1 driver that nearly won the drivers' championship last season, has resigned with team McLaren for a reported $138 million USD over the next five years. The deal keeps the now 23-year-old at McLaren through 2012, though he's said he would stay ...

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    More F1 Hoonery: Lewis Hamilton gets license suspended

    Formula One wonder boy Lewis Hamilton decided that an appropriate follow up to a scorching F1 season and a second place finish on Top Gear's test track would be a high speed run through the north of France. The open-wheel prodigy was caught doing 120 mph near the town of Laon – 40 mph over ...

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    VIDEO: Lewis Hamilton vs The Stig - Who Won?

    var digg_url = ''; We won't spoil it for you, so you can see the results and watch the Top Gear segment with Lewis Hamilton after the jump. (You can also bittorrent the episode already on Final Gear.) Suffice it say, ...

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    Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Lewis Hamilton vs the Stig

    var digg_url = ''; Some say that he shaves with a chainsaw, and that he can climb the Eiffel Tower using just his lips. All we know is, he's called The Stig, and on this Sunday's episode of Top Gear he'll be racing F1 ...

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    Raikonen's F1 title questioned, then confirmed; McLaren to appeal

    An investigation by Formula 1 stewards regarding fuel temperature of the BMW-Sauber and Williams teams initially put into question Raikonen's F1 title. Article 6.5.5 of the Formula 1 technical regulations states that the fuel on board a car can not be more than 10 degrees centigrate below the ...

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    Lewis Hamilton cleared of wrongdoing in Japan crash

    FIA stewards have decided not to penalize Hamilton for erratic driving at last weekend's F1 Grand Prix at Fuji. The stewards watched new footage of the incident taken by a fan and posted on YouTube, then deliberated for hours. Their decision stated "what has become apparent is the view clearly ...

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    McLaren wins Hungary GP amid more controversy, could Alonso leave?

    The claws were out at McLaren during this past weekend's Hungarian F1, with heated exchanges between drivers Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, and team boss Ron Dennis. The latest outbursts come just a week after a preliminary decision in the F1 spy scandal and shows a usually close-knit McLaren ...

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    2007 Goodwood Festival of Speed: Formula One

    Goodwood has been an incredible experience and we hope you have enjoyed the coverage as much as we've enjoyed providing it. One of the numerous highlights for us was undoubtedly the Formula 1 cars; from those outrageous beasts of the '30s and '40s, through the mid-engine revolution, and on up to ...

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    VIDEO: Kubica crashes Canadian GP

    UPDATE: All video of the Kubica crash on YouTube has been removed at the request of F1. Click here to watch the crash recreated in 3D using CGI. By all accounts, yesterday's Canadian Grand Prix was one of the most entertaining races in recent memory. Unfortunately for Lewis Hamilton, who took his ...

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    Hamilton and Tung could bring some color to F1

    Some observers criticize F1 (and motorsports in general) for its racial homogeny. Aside from the notable exception of some Japanese drivers (and Williams test driver Narain Karthikeyan) the field of grand prix pilots is almost entirely white, with the majority of drivers coming from ...


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