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lemay museum

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    Video: eGarage looks into the man behind America's Car Museum

    In the second part of its coverage of the LeMay Museum in Tacoma, Washington (part one is here), we get even more visual representation of why it bills itself as "America's Museum." There are few places where you can wander through a single collection and see the vintage Rolls-Royce pictured ...

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    Video: Amazing LeMay Museum gets the eGarage treatment

    It's a bold step for an institution to brand itself as "America's Car Museum." As a nation obsessed with anything and everything automotive, our tastes are about as varied as they could possibly be. The curators behind the LeMay Museum in Tacoma, Washington seem to understand that, and have ...

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    World's largest car collection closer to being under one roof

    Rendering of the main hall at the LeMay America's Car Museum
    If you've ever wondered who has the largest private car collection in the world, wonder no more. Until his death in 2000, Harold E. LeMay had the distinction of laying claim to that title with over 3,000 classic vehicles in his ...


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