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    ETC: Awesome Lego Lamborghini Countach is on a grand scale

    It's the ultimate childhood icon of the '80s built with the ultimate childhood toy of the '80s: a Lamborghini Countach fashioned from Lego blocks. One German member of created exactly that as he designed and built his very own Lego Lambo. According to the Lego-centric forum, Georg ...

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    Report: How to cure driving apathy among America's youth? Lego.

    We've heard it before: Kids today don't care about cars, and many are ambivalent about whether they will even drive or not. As hard as it might be to understand that mentality for us, it's a bigger problem for the automakers, who have lately been bending over backwards and jumping out of planes ...

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    Merry Christmas from Autoblog!

    Custom Lego 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible by Lino M. Click here to see additional shots.
    All of us here at Autoblog would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas. We hope that Santa treated everybody well, and that you all have a great day catching up with family and friends. Have fun and ...

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    Brick By Brick: James May's Lego house comes down

    Top Gear host James May went to Dorking, England and built a Lego fort house in an orchard with more than three million Lego pieces. Now it's time for him to vacate the premises, and the house has been torn down. Mays had tried to get the structure taken to the Lego park in Windsor, but the cost ...

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    VIDEO: Don't call it OCD: Dude builds 32-valve DOHC V8 out of Legos

    32-Valve, DOHC Lego V8 - click above image to watch the video
    For those about to rock, we salute you, of course. And for those of you with four months of free time, seventeen suitcases full of Lego bricks and a masters in mechanical engineering, we'll totally give you props if – and only if ...

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    VIDEO: Limited slip differential Lego style

    Lego open differential - click image above for Lego LSD video
    After spending enough time searching YouTube to make us reconsider our personal path in life, we're slowly coming to the conclusion that there just aren't other old-timey awesome vids like the one on the differential. Which, while a ...

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    REPORT: James May to build life-sized Lego house. But what's in the garage?

    James May, a.k.a. Captain Slow on Top Gear, has a BBC show called James May's Toy Stories. After building an award-winning Plasticine garden and the world's largest model airplane, the next thing on May's list is a house built of Legos. A two-storey house. And he intends to live in it for a ...

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    VIDEO: Triumph Daytona motorcycle assembled from Lego bricks

    Lego Triumph Daytona motorcycle - Click above to watch the video after the break
    Further proof that you can literally fashion anything if given access to enough interconnecting Lego bricks is this Triumph Daytona 1200 motorcycle. The machine has apparently been on display for quite some time at ...

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    Childhood Redeemed: Lego artist creates jaw-dropping four-wheeled creations

    Firas Abu-Jaber's Lego cars - click above for a high-res gallery
    This is how you tell the master from the journeyman: Give them a common task, place the same tools in each of their hands, and while journeyman's results will be acceptable, the master's results will be amazing. Firas Abu-Jaber has a ...

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    Mad physicist creates cars out of LEGOs

    Click above for gallery of LEGO creations by the Mad Physicist
    Today we bring you some more wonderfully crazy LEGO creations, this time created by a genuine mad scientist. The creator is actually a physicist living in Southampton, England, and his creations are so insanely imaginative that he is ...

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    Build your own 1960 Beetle - with Legos

    There's likely to be no shortage of VW Beetle owners who can relate to this new kit from Lego. It's a box with 1,626 parts in it that one day, after hours of work, will resemble a classic Bug. Three differences: This box of bits will only cost you $120 and a successful build is probably not above ...

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    Le Mans goes Lego on cover of Winding Road

    Online auto mag Winding Road has always been an interesting read, but one area in which the digital rag's been lacking is graphic design, particularly when it comes to covers. The most recent issue eclipses all others by foregoing the expense of more talented graphic designers and putting the mag's ...


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