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    Stig and the boys immortalized in bricks as Top Gear makes it to Legoland

    The Top Gear crew rendered in LEGO - High-res version available at flickr
    digg_url = ''; Another Saturday, another LEGO car story. This time, the little Danish bricks have been used to immortalize the presenters from our favorite ...

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    Mad physicist creates cars out of LEGOs

    Click above for gallery of LEGO creations by the Mad Physicist
    Today we bring you some more wonderfully crazy LEGO creations, this time created by a genuine mad scientist. The creator is actually a physicist living in Southampton, England, and his creations are so insanely imaginative that he is ...

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    Standardization gone amok: LEGO Ferrari F2008 F1 car

    Perhaps this is Ferrari's answer to the FIA's threat to move to standardized engines: standardized building blocks! What could be more fair than to have every team start out with their own huge package of LEGOs? The drivetrain could remain unique or might even be a LEGO V8, but each team would get ...

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    LEGO my V8 engine!

    Click on the image for more shots of the LEGO V8 engineIs there anything that a set of LEGO bricks can't create? In the last few months, we've seen a Camaro and a Mustang both built with nothing that wasn't manufactured by the LEGO corporation, and each of those creations featured a V8 engine and ...


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