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    Report: Delaware to crack down on left-lane slowpokes [w/poll]

    Delaware may be joining Kansas, Oklahoma, Washington and other states in cracking down on drivers who use the left lane for more than passing. A bill in the Delaware legislature would institute fines of up to $230 for drivers who camp out in the left lane on roads with at least two lanes in each ...

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    Washington State Troopers remind motorists that the left lane is for passing

    The percentage of motorists who really understand the basic tenets of driving vary from state to state. In some areas of the country, hogging the left lane is a vile offense, yet drivers in other parts of the country use it as they see fit. This is incorrect, and it's also quite frustrating to ...

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    Report: Georgia to outlaw left-lane slowpokes

    Is there anything more irritating on your morning commute than slow-moving drivers who refuse to extricate themselves from the passing lane? The answer is "no." And so now we may have at least one good reason to consider moving to Georgia... that's if the Senate follows the shining example of the ...

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    REPORT: Kansas enacts 'Right Lane Law,' officially lands on Autoblog's Christmas card list

    Few driving annoyances irritate the automotive enthusiast set as much as a slow-moving driver clogging up the far left lane of a highway. Mercifully, this is one instance where the law is on your side, as that left-hand lane is meant for passing the slower traffic that should be driving on the ...

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    Hallelujah! Oklahoma busting slow drivers in left lane

    If there is anything worse than someone doing tortoise-like speed in the left lane, it's someone doing tortoise-like speed in the left lane and driving next to someone doing tortoise-like speed in the right lane. Oklahoma State Troopers aren't having any more of it and have begun enforcing the ...

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    Hagerty Insurance lists the Top 10 Driving Pet Peeves

    Hagerty Insurance,arguably best known for their accomodating policies for vintage and competition vehicles, polled its customers to develop a top-10 list of things that tick them off while driving:

    Distracted drivers talking on cell phones
    Slow drivers ...


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