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    Video: Jay Leno and Lee Iacocca reflect on 50 years of Ford Mustang

    Lee Iacocca oversaw the birth of the Ford Mustang back in the 1960s, rocketing the new pony car nameplate into million-unit sales territory in its initial go-round and cementing its place in the history books. Thus, we were immediately drawn to this latest episode of Jay Leno's Garage, in which ...

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    Lee Iacocca's Ferrari F40 up for auction

    Supercars play a volatile and ever-changing game of one-upmanship. With each new generation outperforming the last, it takes something truly special to endure the test of time. The Ferrari F40 is such an icon. Built to celebrate Ferrari's fortieth anniversary, the F40 was the most extreme ...

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    Video: 1 of 45 Iacocca Mustang coupes shows up on Hardcore Pawn [UPDATE]

    Lots of strange stuff shows up in pawn shops, but rarely does something as rare and valuable as a 2009 Ford Mustang Lee Iacocca pass through the crosshairs. The guys at American Jewelery and Loan, subject of the TruTV show Hardcore Pawn, recently had the opportunity to get their hands on car ...

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    Video: Jay Leno's Garage welcomes Lee Iacocca and his special Mustang

    Jay Leno's Garage managed to pull a very special interview this week with Lee Iacocca, the legendary American businessman credited with fathering the original Ford Mustang and with bringing Chrysler back from the brink in the 1980s. The interview rehashes Iacocca's success with the Mustang and ...

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    Shelby tops Iacocca at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas

    2009 1/2 Iacocca 45th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang - Click above for high-res image gallery
    It looks like the top-shelf, one-off 550-hp engine upgrade for that new Iacocca Mustang is worth about $362,000, at least to one buyer. The fifth of just 45 2009 1/2 Iacocca 45th Anniversary Edition ...

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    Exclusive Drive: Iacocca 45th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang is one sterling 'Stang

    2009 1/2 Iacocca 45th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang - Click above for high-res image gallery
    When the phone rings and the guy on the other end asks if we want to drive a new Ford Mustang, we have to take a moment before answering. While we always enjoy the chance to pilot a new vehicle, we ...

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    Pony Up: Iacocca Mustang priced from $89,950

    Iacocca Silver 45th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    With its Metalcrafters-sculpted body, Lee Iacocca's Silver 45th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang is one of the hottest pony cars on the market. Unfortunately, it's one of the most expensive too. I ...

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    GM to offer 60 day money back guarantee on all new vehicle purchases

    General Motors wants to prove to you that their vehicles are up to snuff, and The New York Times is reporting that a new marketing initiative aims to get more customers behind the wheel of GM cars and trucks. The General's rumored Satisfaction Guaranteed program promises to give customers their ...

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    VIDEO: Iacocca Mustang commercial debuts with Frank Sinatra, hand brake turns

    Click above to view the video after the jump
    Lee Iacocca helped to create the Ford Mustang way back in 1964, and the original pony car has lived on, uninterrupted, ever since. The one-time Ford division president set out to celebrate the car's 45 year anniversary with a special edition model with ...

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    Live Reveal: Iacocca 45th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang

    Iacocca 45th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang - click above image for high-res gallery
    Last night, Lee Iacocca himself drew back the curtain hiding his 45th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang. The pictures don't lie: this silver beast is every bit as menacing and low in the flesh as it it appears on ...

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    Iacocca Silver 45th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang introduced by Lee himself

    2009 1/2 Iacocca Silver 45th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang - Click above for high-res image gallery
    If anyone deserves to have his own special edition Ford Mustang, it's Lee Iacocca. The former president of the Ford division, Iacocca is known as the father of the Mustang and recruited Carroll ...

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    REPORT: Iacocca leads retiree volunteer army offering free help to Chrysler

    Lee Iacocca loves him some Chrysler. He cared enough about the Pentastar to rescue the automaker from bankruptcy back in 1979, and now in retirement as the honorary chairman of the National Chrysler Retirement Association, he's offering his support for his former employer post-bankruptcy. Iacocca, ...

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    Calling All Cars: Chrysler reportedly repo'ing Iacocca's company rides

    Found in the "What have you done for me lately?" bin, Chrysler is apparently asking former CEO Lee Iacocca for the keys to his company cars. According to a FOX report, as part of their Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, Chrysler isn't allowed to provide vehicles to former execs, even if those execs once ...

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    Iacocca and Davis, Jr. -supported consortium seeks $50M to rehab Detroit 3's image

    Automotive journalism legend David E. Davis, Jr., may find himself heading a new magazine if an independent effort to spiff up Detroit's image can find a footing. New York's Kelmenson, Davis (yes, that Davis) & Associates is trying to turn up $50 million to create a non-profit entity to spread ...

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    Lee Iacocca in favor of keeping Detroit 3 CEOs

    If there's anyone out there who's qualified to opine on what it takes to turn around a struggling automaker, it's Lee Iacocca. Those old enough to remember life in the late '70s can recall Iacocca's first stint at the head of Chrysler, way before the automaker was ever purchased by Daimler and its ...

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    Iacocca FTW! Chrysler to honor former exec with rally

    Lee Iacocca is a smart man. Father of both the Mustang and the minivan, the well revered auto exec was Chrysler's savior in the '80s. As such, the current Chrysler LLC will be holding a rally to honor its former patriarch on June 26th at its headquarters in Auburn Hills, MI. The rally will be ...

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    Tell us what you really think: Lee Iacocca slams Daimler

    There aren't that many people in the world who have a stronger emotional connection to Chrysler Corp. than Lee Iacocca, father of the minivan and savior for Chrysler during the early '80s. In an article featured in BusinessWeek, Iacocca reveals his feelings and thoughts about Daimler AG's sale of ...

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    Where is he now? Lee Iacocca rolls the dice in Nevada

    It's been a while since we mentioned Lee Iacocca. But he is in the news once again and we feel obliged to pass along the latest chapter in this automotive icon's professional life. While one of his former employers was busy announcing a record $12 billion loss, Lee was meeting with the Nevada ...

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    Flop of 2006: Chrysler dealers cry all the way to the sales bank

    So what would you consider the biggest automotive flop of 2006? The Chrysler Sebring? McDonald's Hummer Happy Meals? Schumacher leaving F1 without a ring for every finger? Well, Automotive News thinks it was Chrysler's refusal to face the music and scale back production. Even when faced with a huge ...

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    Iacocca to pen new book, address auto industry

    Retired Chrysler chairman (and Snoop Dogg homey) Lee Iacocca will be releasing a book in approximately one year, tentatively titled "Where Have All the Leaders Gone?". It's said to cover several topics, among them the state of the American auto industry and the threat that the US manufacturing ...


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