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    Ford to offer customizable LED lighting?

    If the Ford Mustang's MyColor instrument panel lighting amuses you, then the announcement of a licensing agreement between the automaker and Colour Kinetics should further expand the joy. The deal allows Ford to legally use "intelligent color-controlled systems" both in the interior and on the ...

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    Survey Says: Garages lit with LED seem safer

    It's a scene we've seen hundreds of times in movies – predators emerging from the shadows in a dimly lit parking garage. It used to be that you could look for the cigarrette ember so you could meet up with Deep Throat, but Raleigh, North Carolina has beat back the shadows as it became the ...

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    Scion FUSE teaser pic from ScionLife

    A picture of the Scion FUSE that’s supposed to ignite next week's NY auto show has been leaked a little early on a forum post over at ScionLife. We learned a while back that the FUSE would feature a topped chop and a short snout, the latter of which we can clearly view in this picture along ...


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