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    Video: M-thusiast pops the question at BMW Welt

    We've seen all manner of marriage proposals over the years, but our favorites, of course, revolve around cars. One guy proposed to his girlfriend at a traffic stop, another during an autocross event, while yet another got dozens of Mazda MX-5 owners together to spell "Marry Me?" in Miatas. This ...

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    Report: Hezbollah financing terrorism by selling used cars, allege federal prosecutors

    Terrorism isn't cheap. Like any organization, these groups have payroll, supplies and other overhead to take into account. Terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and Hezbollah have their own network of international investments, drug trafficking and illicit financial channels, and the latest evidence ...

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    Basil Shaaban drives to sheikh things up

    Basil Shaaban aims to be the first Arab driver in F1, and with a little support from F1 head-honcho Bernie Ecclestone, he just might make it. Shaaban was born in Lebanon, raised in the Emirates and studied astrophysics at Berkeley in California. Having raced in the A1 GP series for the Lebanese ...


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