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leave the world behind

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    Video: Scratch that new crossover, Volvo teases ad campaign for XC60

    If we were to paraphrase the opening lines of Kenneth Graeme's Wind in the Willows for our own purposes, we'd write, "Have you heard about Volvo? They never planned a new crossover at all. It was all a horrid low trick of theirs...." To be fair, though, we can't blame them for our own ...

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    Video: Volvo teases mysterious new small crossover

    The image you see above is just about all we know of the new Volvo crossover that will be revealed at 8:30 pm Central European Time on May 17 (2:30 pm Eastern Standard Time). Volvo released three very short video teasers, all with the tagline "Leave The World Behind," all of which feature a ...


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