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    Official: Jaguar's new logo receives mixed review

    Along with its new marketing and ad campaigns Jaguar's done a number on its logo: both the Leaper and the typeface have been reworked. The icon gets a metallic fill and shadow, the type gets wider and shorter, while its metallic look mimics the jewelry on vehicles like the XJ. Jaguar said that ...

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    Enthusiast builds Jaguar "leaper" motorcycle

    We like Jaguar's classic leaper emblem, we really do. But we also realize that the iconic cat needs to pounce on the right target, which doesn't include the hood of the new XF. How about on a motorcycle? Or, more appropriately, how about an entire motorcycle? One enterprising Jaguar fan has ...

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    How to ruin a Jaguar XF in one easy step

    Photo: Justin Berkowitz/TTACJaguar's "leaper" has its place, and that place is not on the hood of the brand new XF sedan. Jaguar knows this; the hood ornament isn't offered as a factory option. In fact, one of the styling elements that made its debut on the XF is the new trunk-mounted neo-leaper ...


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