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lead sled

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    Video: Watch this lead sled go rallying in Finland

    Custom cars generally fit into neat little boxes in terms of how they are used. For example, you're unlikely to see a modded Corvette going rock crawling; it's just not what it's made for (though we bet it'd look awesome, at least for a minute). In the same way, chopped, channeled and customized ...

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    ETC: Cruisin Caskets offers a lead sled for the dead [w/video]

    A good Halloween display usually has some of spooky zombie climbing out of a coffin coming back to life, but to be honest, if a car-loving zombie had been buried in a coffin from Cruisin Caskets, they might not be in too big of a rush to haunt the living. Now, we've seen cool car coffins before, ...

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    Behold the Flueguar!

    The Manolo. He reads the Autoblog. Which is pretty cool, actually. The shoe/styleblogger extraordinaire tipped us off on the fabulous Flueguar. Right about now, you may be wondering, "What the %$#! is a Flueguar?"Allow us to elaborate. The Flueguar, seen above, is shoe designer John Fluevog's ...

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    2007 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale: Elvis Cadillac Sold at $250,000

    Autoblog's man at Barrett-Jackson, Frank Filipponio, continues to send us reports from the front lines. Oh man, check out the landau roof on this thing! Riding around in this sucker will make you feel like a king. Not just any king, the King. Custom-car designer John D'Agostino has named this rare ...


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