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7VIDEO: Lazareth creates an E85-powered, 500-horsepower quad

Wazuma Bio V12 - Click above to watch the video after the jump

15Video: Vin Diesel rides custom bikes from Lazareth in Babylon A.D.

Click above for more shots of the custom bikes from Babylon A.D.

9Does Ludovic Lazareth build a better bike than Buell?

Lazareth combines a few of his most frequently-used elements on his newest creation based on the current generation fuel-in-the-frame Buell chassis. Employing a supercharger which was previously used in the engine bay of a last-generation Mini Cooper S, the Lazarus also features a single-sided swingarm and single-sided front fork. The Buell chassis lends itself well to the use of a supercharger because the airbox on top is completely replaced by the power-adder and a nice frame cut-out is alread

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