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lazareth cycles

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    Lazareth creates a 500-horsepower E85-powered quad (w/VIDEO)

    Lazareth Wazuma Bio V12 - Click above for an image gallery
    French automobile and motorcycle builder Lazareth has managed to shoehorn an entire BMW V12 engine into one of its crazy Wazuma quads. While there isn't much that's environmentally friendly about a 500-horsepower supercharged V12 from ...

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    Video: Vin Diesel rides custom bikes from Lazareth in Babylon A.D.

    Click above for more shots of the custom bikes from Babylon A.D.
    Having managed to avoid Babylon A.D. completely up until this point, it's hard to give any sort of commentary on the actual flick (we heard it was pretty bad...), but after seeing some of the cool machinery that was showcased in the ...


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