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    Nissan offering voluntary buyouts to all Tennessee plant workers

    Word has just come across the wire that Nissan will be offering a "voluntary transition program" to all of its hourly employees working in either its Smyrna or Dechard manufacturing plants in Tennessee. These are effectively buyouts, which can net an hourly worker a lump sum of $45,000 and a bonus ...

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    Bold Move: Ford extending buyouts to all UAW workers

    Thanks to a fax sent by the United Auto Workers union to its leaders in various regions, we now know that Ford will be extending its job buyout offer to all 75,000 of its hourly UAW workers. This means that Ford is more than doubling the Way Forward plan's initial offer to buy out 30,000 of its ...

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    VW managers facing job cuts take one for the team

    Well, Volkswagen's job cuts at the brand's German facilities may not be popular, but at least they're fair. The company confirmed Wednesday that its plan to improve productivity and efficiency by cutting up to 20,000 jobs includes up to 20 percent of the company's 1,000 management staff.The company ...

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    VW of Germany looking to lengthen work week for same pay

    Volkswagen is looking to lengthen their employee's work week, without any additional financial compensation, a cost-cutting move to designed to help stabilize the company's bottom line. But before labor sympathizers get out their sandwich boards and picket signs, it must be noted that the ...

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    Ford restructuring tab expected to hit $3.4 billion

    Idling seven factories will push Ford's restructuring costs up to a total of $3.4 billion (before taxes) for the year. The figure includes over $2.1 billion associated with early retirement packages, layoffs, and pension issues, as well as $280 million to close the plants. The ...

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    Peugeot nixes 206 factory in UK

    Peugeot is shuttering its Rynton plant in Coventry, where it builds its popular 206. Idling the British factory next year will mean that 2,300 will find themselves out of work. The word came down as PSA Peugeot Citroen executives met with union officials, who expected bad news, ...


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