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    Report: Chevy Impala owners file class-action suit against GM

    The Detroit News is reporting that a group of Chevrolet Impala owners have filed a class-action lawsuit against General Motors over claims that the automaker addressed rear-end alignment issues on law enforcement 2007-2008 Impala models, but not vehicles owned by the public at large. The suit ...

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    Report: Chrysler legal bid to halt 'Imported From Detroit' merchandise sales falls short

    Automotive News is reporting that Chrysler has failed to stop a clothing manufacturer from selling "Imported from Detroit" apparel on the grounds of trademark infringement. U.S. District Judge Arthur Tarnow ruled in favor of Pure Detroit, saying that the automaker's request failed to show that the ...

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    Report: Demoted exec files age-descrimination suit against GM

    The Detroit Free Press is reporting that General Motors employee Daniel Plouffe has brought an age discrimination lawsuit against the automaker. Plouffe has worked with GM for 40 years, but claims that older executives were urged to retire after the company's 2009 reorganization. Those that ...

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    Report: Kia hit with $40M judgment in faulty seatbelt death case

    Alabama teen Tiffany Stabler got a 1999 Kia Sephia for her sixteenth birthday in 2004. After her father purchased the car, he took it to a Kia dealership to have all of the maintenance and recall work completed. In 2002, Kia had recalled seatbelt buckles on 1995-1998 Sephias and Sportages for a ...

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    Report: Ford near terms on seven-year-old Rouge plant cleanup lawsuit

    The Detroit News reports that Ford is close to wrapping up a lawsuit that's been in the works for the past seven years. Ford originally sued the federal government by claiming that the feds should share a portion of the costs tied to cleaning up the company's Rouge manufacturing complex. The site ...

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    Report: Ohio judge orders Ford to pay $2B to dealers over class-action suit

    An Ohio judge ordered Ford to pay $2 billion to thousands of its dealerships to settle a 2002 lawsuit. Dealers brought the class-action lawsuit after Ford overcharged them for commercial trucks over an 11-year period. The cash reward breaks down like this: $781 million in damages and $1.2 ...

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    Official: Lotus vs Lotus legal battle ends in a draw

    Say what you will about the state of Formula 1 racing today, but at least when the day is done, there's a winner and there are losers. The drawn-out legal battle between Group Lotus and Team Lotus, however, has come to a rather anticlimactic resolution. As you may recall, Group Lotus (that is, ...

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    Report: Angry dealers sue Mahindra

    The dust-up between Indian automaker Mahindra and its jilted would-be American dealers is set to get a little nastier. According to Automotive News, several dealers have joined a lawsuit against their former partner that seeks both a refund for any fees paid to the truckmaker as well as punitive ...

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    Report: Jury selection underway for Toyota unintended acceleration case

    According to a new Bloomberg report, jury selection has commenced in a lawsuit against Toyota stemming from the unintended acceleration debacle. Amir Sitafalwalla sued Toyota in 2008, claiming that his 2005 Scion accelerated uncontrollably and only stopped when he hit a tree. This is the first ...

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    Report: Ford sues Nissan over commercial with bikini models in Brazil [w/video]

    In the advertising world, the gentle ribbing of competitors is almost a given. Whether its dish soap, paper towels, computer companies or automobiles, poking a little fun at your main rivals is the name of the game. But sometimes a company or its advertising agency goes a little too far, and ...

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    Report: CA court rejects class action suit against Toyota over service contracts

    The California court system has found that Toyota Motor Insurance Services does not violate the state's consumer warranty law. According to Automotive News, a court of appeal found that the contracts offer enough services outside of the factory warranty to be considered legal. Toyota was originally ...

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    Report: Toyota wins right to view unintended acceleration plaintiff data

    Toyota has been granted the ability to gather financial data on 81 plaintiffs filing lawsuits against the automaker over losses associated with claims of unintended acceleration. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, two private judges ruled that the automaker could, in fact, secure information from ...

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    Report: U.S. hedge funds file lawsuit against Porsche, traders unconcerned

    A group of New York hedge funds have filed suit against Porsche for cornering the market on Volkswagen stock, according to Reuters. The lawsuit claims that the German automaker caused $1 billion in losses by discreetly buying up every freely traded share of Volkswagen stock in an attempt to take ...

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    FBI being sued for crashing a Ferrari

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Department of Justice have landed themselves in hot water over the destruction of a Ferrari F50. According to The Detroit News, the vehicle was reported stolen from a dealership in Rosemont, Pennsylvania in 2003, and the dealer made and insurance ...

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    Report: Motorists file class action suit against Florida toll road for... taking hostages?

    Florida motorists are officially fed up with the actions of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and Faneuil Inc. The latter is a private firm hired by the FDOT to manage its tollbooth operations. A class-action lawsuit filed against both parties alleges that toll booth operators have ...

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    Judge: First Toyota lawsuits likely to go on trial in 2013

    It looks like it will be some time before Toyota enters the court room for the very first of the mountain of lawsuits that were bundled by a federal judge in relation to sudden-acceleration claims. A federal judge has said he wants the first of the cases to be tried in the beginning months of ...

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    Report: SEC says ex-Delphi CEO Batterberg misled investors

    According to the Detroit Free Press, the Securities and Exchange Commission has accused former Delphi CEO J.T. Battenberg III of intentionally working to hide his company's financial situation from investors. On Tuesday, an SEC lawyer told the jury in Battenberg's trial that the ex-Delphi boss made ...

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    AP: Seven insurance companies sue Toyota over unintended acceleration-related claims

    Can't say we didn't see this one coming... According to the Associated Press, seven insurance companies* are suing Toyota in California court for damages in excess of $230,000. We suspect that figure could rise, as it's derived from just 14 of the alleged 725 total accidents the insurers claim ...

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    AP: Judge won't dismiss Toyota unintended acceleration lawsuits

    Last week, U.S. District Judge James Selna announced that he would not dismiss a bevy of lawsuits against Toyota that claim the company's rash of unintended acceleration complaints have caused vehicle values to fall. The company's attorneys had attempted to argue that around 24 of the suits should ...

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    The Triumph of Zoe: Renault cleared to use Zoe Z.E. name

    Renault Zoe Z.E. concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Renault had ideas of giving its new electric vehicle the name Zoe Z.E., but a French lawyer, David Koubbi, sued to stop that kind of obvious lunacy. Koubbi represents a group of parents who have daughters named Zoe, none of ...


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