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    Report: California scraps 'Cool Cars' legislation, automakers, law enforcement cheer

    California's controversial "cool cars" guidelines have been laid to rest. According to a report from The Detroit News, the ill supported legislation is no more and automakers can rejoice. The pressure was too much for the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to handle any longer, and automakers, ...

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    Court strikes down Michigan "fuzzy dice" ban... then reinstates it...

    A man named Lonnie Ray Davis was pulled over by Michigan police. When they searched his car, they found an open alcohol container, crack, a wad of cash, a stun gun, and a .38 caliber handgun. He was, of course, arrested. But the reason they pulled him over has become a constitutional law issue: ...

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    New laws to make cars more kid-friendly set to pass

    My son asked what would happen if his finger were in the path of the electric window when it closed. I suggested we stick a piece of Red Vine licorice in the window to find out. The results weren't pretty, though to this day I'm still finding tiny bits of red licorice stuck in the channels of the ...

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    Rockford, Illinois decrees: Don't pump up the volume

    It's hard out there for a pimped out ride. As of this month, Rockford, Illinois will start seizing vehicles that play music too loudly. The kicker is that your car can be seized if someone merely accuses you of playing loud music, because "hearsay evidence shall be admissible." The ordinance is ...

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    Texting while driving in the UK could get you 2 years in jail

    The current fine for using a mobile phone while driving in the UK is £60 and three points on your license. If you are caught driving unsafely while using a mobile phone or typing directions in the navi, the fine jumps to £2,500. Now, after a review by the Crown Prosecution Service ...

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    New fines for teen speeders in MA come in one size: XXXL

    Based on recent moves in Indiana, Virginia, the PSA's in Australia, and now Massachusetts, speeding of the teen and adult varieties is the latest headline-grabbing menace to society. Massachusetts' Junior Operators' License Law, which outlines the punishments meted out to traffic offenders under ...


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