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lawn mower

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    Video: Watch Honda lay waste to world's fastest lawnmower record

    Honda has been working on its high-performance Mean Mower for a while now. In a recent attempt to take the top speed title, it didn't make its 130-miles-per-hour top speed target, but it still managed to set a new Guinness World Record has the world's fastest lawnmower at 116.57 mph. While the ...

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    Official: Honda Mean Mower hits 60 mph in 4 seconds, cuts to 130 mph [w/video] [UPDATE]

    Back in June, we reported that Top Gear was building what it hoped would become the world's fastest lawn mower, and had solicited help from Honda and its British Touring Car Championship partner Team Dynamics. Well, they've finished the build and the resulting contraption is the Mean Mower. With ...

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    Project Runningblade will attempt 100+ MPH lawnmower land speed record [w/video]

    Project Runningblade – Click above for high-res image gallery
    There are some people who would tell you that Formula 1 is the pinnacle of four-wheeled motorsports. Those of us in the know, however, have other ideas. Clearly, F1 ain't got nothin' on a well-tuned John Deer. That's right, we're ...

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    F1 lawn mower cuts down the competition like Schumacher

    click above image to view more high-res pics of the F1 concept lawn mower var digg_url = ''; I absolutely hate mowing the lawn, so anything that can help accomplish this task quicker than my hand-me-down Toro ...


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