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laser ignition

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    Followup: Mazda rumored to use laser-ignition for next-gen rotary

    Autocar is reporting that the next-generation rotary engine from Mazda may turn to a laser ignition system instead of traditional spark plugs. The report supposedly comes straight from the mouth of a shadowy senior engineer within the program. Mazda has been hard at work on the 16X Renesis ...

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    Laser spark plugs: bright idea or flash in the pan?

    The internal combustion engine for automotive use is highly engineered and run by advanced electro-mechanical systems that have been refined over a century of development. That fact hasn't stood in the way of breathless reports about laser spark plugs being the next big thing. Fast Company goes as ...

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    Frickin' laser spark plugs!

    Looks like Dr. Evil was ahead of his time. We may not have sharks with "frickin' laser beams" yet, but a team of Colorado State University researchers have applied for a patent for laser spark plugs.In a bid to create a longer-lasting spark plug, the research team hopes to replace ...


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