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las vegas

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    Twin-turbo, mid-engine Corvette Super Coupe headed to SEMA

    Though rumors are still swirling beneath the surface that General Motors may be working on a true mid-engine Corvette that would be sold alongside the next-generation C7 model, no one really expects such a paradigm shifting car to ever see the light of day. That hasn't stopped Phil Somers from ...

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    Warehouse Wonders: The Auto Collections at Imperial Palace

    Click the image to see our huge high-res gallery.A while back we profiled a small collection of classic American and European iron that was housed in a fairly nondescript warehouse amidst a sea of other similar buildings in Southern California. Inside, we found not only some great cars, but bikes, ...

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    Toyota named official vehicle manufacturer of 2007 SEMA Show

    In 2005, it was Honda. GM, Ford and DaimlerChrysler shared the honors in 2006 to celebrate the history of American Muscle. This year, the 41st annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas has named Toyota the "Official Vehicle Manufacturer of the Show". It's an honor that has more to do with branding the Las ...

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    Petty and Earnhardt get wax treatment

    Only in Vegas. Madame Tussaud's unveiled their latest ghastly likenesses; we're not sure if the fact that the subjects are still alive makes it more creepy. The work is uncanny in its accuracy and lifelike look, and if you're in Vegas, Tussaud's is a veritable family attraction. The reason for the ...

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    The clearest form of conspicuous consumption: Radurra Clear Wheels

    We reported on Radurra's Clear Wheels at the 2006 SEMA Show in Las Vegas where they debuted, but at the time we could only show you live pics of these transparant polycarbonate wheels because Radurra didn't come prepared with a media kit. After checking back with the company's website, we found a ...

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    Cops black flag Little Al! Unser Jr. arrested for DUI

    Uh-oh. Little Al is in trouble again. AP is reporting that Al Unser Jr. is under arrest and facing DUI charges after leaving the scene of an accident on the Las Vegas Beltway. He was ID'd as the driver of a car that sideswiped another car around 11 Thursday morning. Unser's car didn't have much ...

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    SEMA speed: Hennessey Viper Venom 800R

    Updated with Frank's live pics Why worry about superchargers and turbochargers when you've got good old-fashioned cubic inches? After all, bigger is better right? Living up to its VenomAero and Daytona spoiler-equipped body kit, the Hennessey Viper Venom 800R packs an amazing 585 naturally ...

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    ROUSH Reactor Mustang about to blow up at SEMA

    The only thing better than booth babes at the SEMA show in Las Vegas are the cars on which they're leaning. The OEMs along with the aftermarket crowd all populate their displays with the sickest rides imaginable, and we're just starting to get an idea what's in store for us this year. This morning, ...

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    Paris Hilton offered chance to win back Bentley
    1145984160 is offering Paris Hilton a chance to win back the Bentley Continental GT she lost in a poker game at her family's Las Vegas casino... or at least one just like it. The online poker house appears to be taking a crack at competitor's publicity playbook, best known for ...

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    Paris Hilton has fun, fun, fun 'til her Daddy's casino takes the Bentley away

    We shouldn't be shocked when it comes to Paris Hilton. Between that video tape, Carl's Jr. commercial, and her acting in Simple Life (she's acting, right?), the heiress' high jinks have become as predictable and commonplace as overhyped movies in the summertime.Still, when our sib-site ...

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    Shelby GT-H production begins in Las Vegas

    The dice have been cast on the Shelby GT-H in Las Vegas where production of the limited edition Mustang has just begun at Shelby’s facility in the city of sin. The resurrected “Rent-A-Racer” will populate the planet to the tune of 500 copies that will be made available to rent ...

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    Corvette Z06 big winner as Spike TV's AutoRox rocks Vegas

    We've been too busy throwing down new posts to attend Spike TV's second annual AutoRox awards, but apparently that didn't stop the cable network from going on with the show at Fremont Experience in Las Vegas. Hosted by rapper/actor Ice Cube and featuring a variety of performances and celebrities, ...

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    GM set to open Las Vegas "autotainment" park

    "The Drive," GM's outdoor "autotainment" driving experience is set to open in Las Vegas at the Sahara Hotel & Casino April 10, and GM wants you to start planning it into your next trip to Sin City.The Drive includes two separate driving courses on the 11-acre site, a ...

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    [Not TiVoSafe] Motorsports Highlights: March 11-12

    Formula 1: Bahrain Grand PrixA very eventful race weekend in Bahrain kicked off the 2006 F1 season, and if this race is anything to go by, it should be an interesting year. Qualifying produced a made-for-TV comeback for Ferrari, with Schumacher and Massa nailing down the front row, although the ...


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