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    Letting off some steam: vapor-powered car goes for land speed record

    A British team is out to demolish the land speed records for a steam powered vehicle in both the kilometer and the mile. The records are 121.6 mp for the kilo, set in 1906, and an unofficial 145.6 mph for the mile, set in 1985. As if using tap water to go stupid fast wasn't cool enough, they're ...

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    2007 Goodwood Festival of Speed: Land Speed Record cars

    The theme of the 2007 Festival of Speed was Spark of Genius – Breaking Records, Pushing Boundaries, and so it's fitting that Land Speed Record (LSR) vehicles were given a special display at this year's event. A group of the vehicles was arranged on the cricket pitch, including several from ...

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    ABG Exclusive: Ford and OSU team up for fuel cell land speed record

    var digg_url = ''; Ford and Ohio State University are teaming up to attempt a double land speed record for fuel cell-powered vehicles. Ohio State already holds the land speed record for ...

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    French V150 tops Veyron by more than 100 mph

    Sister blog Gadling just posted this video of a French assault on the worlds fastest vehicle title. Forget the Veyron's 253 mph or the projected 273 that the SSC Ultimate Aero TT will do, this Gallic bullet just hit 357.2 mph! While the Bug and Aero have around 1,000 hp to help push them towards ...

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    JCB Dieselmax honored with Dewar Trophy

    Along with the LeMans sports racers from Audi and Peugeot, the JCB Dieselmax is probably the best poster child for how well a diesel can perform at the highest levels of motorsports. You may remember the JCB Dieselmax, as it was the streamliner that set a new Land Speed Record (LSR) for diesel cars ...

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    Rolls-Royce to take landspeed record shot

    In keeping with its brand strategy, Rolls-Royce would never give the go-ahead to participate in a conventional motorsport activity. It does, however, have a history of landspeed record bids, and it looks like the automaker is about to write the newest chapter. AutoExpress is reporting that Rolls ...

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    VIDEO: 3,000 HP Greasel falls flat on record run

    This 3,000-horsepower peanut oil-powered pickup was supposed to make a record speed run for grease-powered vehicles of between 160 and 200 mph. That was what we were told at SEMA where the twin-turbo '87 Chevy Silverado, nicknamed Greasel, was unveiled. The truck made its record run at the El ...

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    Steve Fossett will attempt to break world speed record

    Last Wednesday, during an event to promote his new book "Chasing the Wind," Steve Fossett announced his plans to break the world speed record of 763 MPH.The record attempt will take place sometime next year in the flatlands of Nevada, with Fossett behind the wheel of a 47-foot-long, 9,000-pound, ...

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    Brit team plans to break record with 200mph head of steam

    We never suspected the Brits would use boiling water for anything nobler than steeping tea, but it's full steam ahead for the British Steam Car Challenge project that is attempting to break the land-speed record for a steam-powered vehicle that has stood for over 100 years. According to a Telegraph ...

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    Honda F1 sets land speed records at Bonneville

    All week long, the Honda Racing F1 team has been out at the Bonneville Salt Flats pursuing a lofty goal: setting a new Formula 1 car land speed record over the Bonneville flying mile with an average speed of 400 kph. Honda simply called the mission the Bonneville 400.The instrument being used to ...

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    Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren captures London Land Speed Record

    Weekly British automotive mag Autocar recently shut down the London City Airport because they wanted to find out what car was the fastest in London. Amidst a field that included hometown hero Bentley's Continental Flying Spur, as well as a Ford GT (it lost to the British-built SLR by nary 1.4 mph, ...

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    Diesel land speed record car based on construction machinery

    British construction equipment manufacturer JCB aims to set a new diesel land speed record with this Bonneville streamliner powered by two backhoe engines. Really. The JCB Dieselmax H1 is motivated by a pair of JCB444 diesels normally used with the company's backhoe models.The firm ...

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    "The World's Fastest Indian" brings LSR racing to the big screen

    So drag racing got its moment in the spotlight with "Heart Like A Wheel", and I think we'd all like to forget Hollywood's attempts at dramatizing NASCAR and street racing. However, the fastest form of wheeled racing on earth only now gets a chance to hit the silver screen (At least I ...


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