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landspeed record

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    Detroit 2010: Electric landspeed car races onto the show floor

    1899 La Jamais Contente landspeed racer – Click above for high-res image gallery
    There was a time when electric cars were some of the fastest land-borne vehicles ever made. The electric motors powering the vehicles have always been plenty powerful, sending a boatload of torque to the wheels ...

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    Not So Fast: Jesse James' hydrogen speed "record" challenged

    Did Jesse James really pilot a hydrogen-fueled vehicle faster than anyone else ever has in history? Possibly. Did he set a world record as claimed in doing so? Not so fast says noted world landspeed historian Louise Ann Noeth. It seems that Jesse's run wasn't quite up the the standards of a proper ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: World's fastest Honda Civic

    Driving around the streets of Los Angeles, it is easy to spot a plethora of Honda Civics attempting to achieve the appearance of the world's fastest economy car. Huge shopping cart wings, monster tachometers and racing stripes often highlight the package. Legitimate world record speed isn't ...

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    Rolls-Royce to take landspeed record shot

    In keeping with its brand strategy, Rolls-Royce would never give the go-ahead to participate in a conventional motorsport activity. It does, however, have a history of landspeed record bids, and it looks like the automaker is about to write the newest chapter. AutoExpress is reporting that Rolls ...


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