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A rainy winter is still wreaking havoc on this scenic road.

You can't drive it anymore, but you can enjoy the view from above in this footage.

Residents warned the city for years

A century-old retaining wall in Baltimore washed away Wednesday afternoon after a month of rainy weather, sending an unstable street, six cars, and street lights 30-feet onto the train track below.

If you're looking for proof that this is Mother Nature's world and she merely allows us to live on it for a while, have a look at these videos coming out of Mexico. After a series of seven small earthquakes and heavy rains, a scenic coastal road has collapsed into a vaguely road-shaped pile of rubble.

Car almost crushed by boulder

It's a video you have to see to believe: A dash cam in Taiwan captured this car avoid being flattened by a landslide in the city of Keelung, Badouzi.

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