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36New Lancia Stratos continues slow striptease

The Lancia Stratos fully shows itself – Click above for a high-res image gallery

27New Stratos project gets itself a website, confirms Ferrari F430-based

New Stratos – Click above for high-res image gallery

5Autoblog Podcast #190 - Chrysler profit, Top Gear USA and small Buicks

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43Rumormill: Lancia Stratos revival won't be one-off, production planned

The story of the coachbuilt Lancia Stratos gets more curious by the day. Although it appeared that the homage was a Pininfarina-designed one-off for a wealthy and anonymous European, Car & Driver has done some snooping of its own and reports that it wasn't exactly designed by Pininfarina and it won't exactly be a one-off.

22Rumormill: Lancia Stratos is a Pininfarina-designed one-off

Turns out Italiaspeed had it right: the remade Lancia Stratos spotted on a Fiat test track in Milan is a coachbuilt one-off for a European client, and has nothing to do with Fenomenon. As the story goes, a certain unnamed industrialist asked Pininfarina – not Bertone, the Stratos' original designer – to pen a body with a traditional front end true to the icon.

34Spy Shots: Mysteriously sexy Lancia Stratos redux spotted working out

Mystery Lancia Stratos revival – Click above for image gallery

16Age Soft Chairman shows off Manga Lambo, M5 and Stratos

Click above for gallery of Itasha supercars

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